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Over 50,000 unique users are associated with ice hockey activity in Spond

Common obstacles ice hockey admins face and how Spond helps solve them:

Status visibility

Player feedback on what they most appreciate has often been the ability to set their availability status through the app, making it easy to plan ahead of practice sessions and games.

Pools for feedback

Creating a pool in Spond is quick and easy tool, visible for all members of a group which let’s you receive quick feedback regardless of the query.

Reliability at the start of the season

There’s a lot to think about going into a new season, and for Spond coaches, it’s a common feedback that they feel confident that it has all the features they need to do their jobs throughout a whole season.

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Import and schedule your ice hockey season with ease

Spond will automatically send invitations to your players. You can easily edit, add or cancel future rugby events, or change the time frame for how long in advance the invitations are sent out.

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“Being able to put our trust to Spond for it to help with every facet of the organization, is incredible valuable and let’s me sleep well at night”

Talbot Mcinnis | Founder, Super Audio Video Ice Hockey

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  • How does Spond enhance ice hockey team management and communication?

    Spond streamlines ice hockey team management by providing over 50,000 unique users associated with ice hockey activities a platform for efficient communication and organization. Features like status visibility, pools for feedback, and the reliability of the app at the start of the season make it a valuable tool for admins to plan practices and games effectively, gather quick feedback, and ensure a smooth season start.

  • What makes Spond a preferred app for ice hockey team coaches and admins?

    Ice hockey team admins prefer Spond for its comprehensive features that address common obstacles they face, such as planning sessions, gathering player feedback, and maintaining communication reliability throughout the season. The app’s ability to set availability statuses and create feedback pools contributes significantly to its preference among ice hockey teams.

  • How does Spond solve the issue of status visibility for ice hockey teams?

    Spond offers a solution to status visibility challenges by allowing players to set their availability status through the app. This feature is highly appreciated by players and admins alike, as it facilitates advanced planning for practice sessions and games, ensuring that team coordination is seamless and efficient.

  • Can Spond handle the ice hockey season's scheduling and player invitations?

    Yes, Spond simplifies the ice hockey season’s scheduling by automatically sending invitations to players for scheduled events. Admins have the flexibility to easily edit, add, or cancel future events and adjust the timeframe for sending out invitations. This feature makes it easy for teams to manage their schedules and keep all members informed and prepared.

  • What feedback do coaches and admins have about using Spond for an ice hockey season?

    Coaches and admins frequently report feeling confident in Spond’s comprehensive features at the start of a new season. The app’s reliability and its ability to address the specific needs of ice hockey team management throughout the entire season are often highlighted in their positive feedback, underscoring Spond’s effectiveness in supporting ice hockey teams.

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