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Over 40,000 unique users are associated with netball activity in Spond

Common obstacles netball admins face and how Spond helps solve them:

Unforeseen changes to scheduling and events

Communication in Spond makes it possible to update all parties involved quickly.

GDPR taken care of

Spond is fully GDPR compliant, alleviating a common worry among admins everywhere regarding school regulations and similar. 

Viewability for not only when, but where

Spond comes with a map function as well, letting members and parents easily see where exactly they need to turn up along with the exact time and date.

Spond phone Device

Import and schedule your netball season with ease

Spond will automatically send out the invitations for you. You can easily edit, add or cancel future events, or change the time frame for how long in advance the invitations are sent out.

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“I’d say that if you want to make it less a hassle to see who’s on your team, and where you’re going for each fixture, definitely recommend Spond to your coach.”

Anna | Student Leader at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Netball Team

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GDPR and Data Protection at the Core

Bring the joy back to team sports and group activities.

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