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Customize Your Spond Club Experience, And Get The Membership System You Want


With Spond Club, you get the membership system you’ve always wanted, tailored just for you.


Spond is used by all sorts of clubs and organizations. With its flexible, innovative and intuitive solutions, Spond’s groundbreaking systems can easily be utilized by all kinds of teams, clubs and organizations.


No two clubs are alike; clubs and organizations have vastly different needs. That is why Spond Club is easily customizable. If your club needs information about which schools members go to, you can add a field for this in your membership register. Other clubs might need information about something different entirely; they, too, can easily customize the fields in their registers to something that better suits them.


With Spond Club, you can target members in your communication. For example, if you need to send a message to members that go to schools in the city center, you can easily filter out those specific members and communicate with them directly. You can filter by a wide range of variables, such as gender and age.


The Spond app already has over 2 million monthly active users and thousands of groups. In the past, group administrators have been given free rein to do what they want. By linking existing Spond groups to Spond Club, you as a club manager are given greater control over what different groups can do; you can either rein them in and take a more proactive approach, or give them free rein to do what they want. It’s all up to you.

Many clubs need the ability to customize their payment requests. Spond Club gives you the flexibility you need. Spond Club allows you to send out specific payment requests to specific membership segments. You can customize your payment requests all the way down to the individual level, and you have the option to adjust your payment requests after they have been sent out.