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Get Your Club Online: Why busy club committees need simple online solutions


Grassroots sports teams are the backbone of sport around the world. From junior football to adult rugby and veteran cricket, these teams provide the opportunity for people of all ages to get active and involved in sport.

For busy coaches and organisers, however, managing a team can be a real administrative hassle. Paperwork, tracking player availability, organising transport and dealing with referees can take up hours every week. That’s where online team management solutions come in. With a simple online app, coaches and volunteers can take care of all their team admin in minutes. This could include:

  • Registering players and tracking their progress
  • Managing payments and expenses
  • Communicating with parents and players
  • Organising fixtures and results

Spond is just one example of an online team management platform that could change your life. Saving up to seven hours every week, these apps can take the hard work out of teamwork, giving you more time to spend doing what you love, be that coaching, playing or simply spectating,

With volunteering resources often limited in the aftermath of the pandemic, club committees need simple digital solutions to make their lives easier and help their clubs to prosper. The best team management apps for grassroots sport are simple and intuitive to use, while offering complex and beneficial features under the hood. And that’s good, because the more the app can do for you, the more time you will save.

Simplicity is key to taking advantage of any team management app, so a logical and intuitive user interface is an imperative. We would always recommend that you check out several apps before you make your final decision, speak to fellow coaches on other teams, read online reviews and make 100% sure that it has the features you are looking for.

Cost is another consideration as many team management apps, including Spond, are free and ad-free, while others offer a free version with many key features stripped out. In addition to paying for these extra features, you could also be charged for the number of users, which means the costs will become higher as your team grows. Something to bear in mind if you have big plans to expand.

So, do your research, scout out the alternatives and take the time to find the digital team management solution that is best for your team or organisation. Remember that simplicity is key, ensure it has the features you need, and make sure you’re happy with the pricing structure. Follow this straightforward advice to find the team app solution that is right for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your club online today!