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Guardians & Parents

Made for sporty kids and busy parents

When children’s social life gets busier, there’s no need to sacrifice time for planning.


Grassroots sports or any other social activities are crucial for their physical and social skills and as important as their safety. Spond brings these two elements together by helping you have everything under control. From big sports events to knowing the right people in your child’s team, we have safeguarded the way information is shared in the app.

All event information in one place

We know the feeling of browsing for information in conversations and emails. From event location to what you need for the event, you have it all in one place. Spond sends invites through SMS, email, and/or push notifications to ensure that everyone can receive and respond to events and posts whether you have the app or not.

One message away from your child’s coach

You will always have control over where and with whom the information gets shared. Guardians can reply on behalf of the child, and organizers, players, and other guardians will be notified. 

Features that will save you hours of your valuable time

Spond phone Device

Guardians can reply on behalf of children

Guardians can reply to events that their child has been invited to, and receive push notifications when new information is added to the group.

Replying as guardians Replying as guardians
Spond phone Device

Set boundaries for your child

Child members in a group can respond if a contact point is added, and be notified in the same way as the guardians.

Safeguarding in Spond Safeguarding in Spond

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