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Participants & Players

Making space for team spirit

Replace busy group chats with Spond and share great moments, communicate, and remember important dates.

Let the group know if you are attending. 

Teams that use Spond have an easier time scheduling and getting attendance for their events. In addition, with Spond, you can find out availability, get headcounts, and assign responsibilities when extra help is needed.

Keep your team close.

Have your messages and posts organized in one place. With all the noise coming from your other apps, we want to help you easily keep in touch with your leader and the rest of the group. 

Everyone counts

Whether it’s venue options, food choices, or team bonding ideas, everyone’s opinion counts! Spond allows you to poll your group so you can choose a crowd-pleaser.

Features that will save you hours of your valuable time

Spond phone Device

Set event notifications

As a Spond user you can decide if you want to turn notifications on or off for a certain event, or a whole series of events.

Managing Notifications Managing Notifications
Spond phone Device

Communicate effectively with teammates

Send text, photos, videos, or files in your messages & control who can access messaging in your groups.

Messaging in Spond Messaging in Spond

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