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Standard Terms of Use of Spond

1. Rights and obligations when using Spond – acceptance of standard terms

Any use of Spond is governed by these terms, from now on referred to as the Terms. If you use Spond, such use is considered an acceptance of the Terms.

You are responsible for ensuring that your password used to access the Service is unique, that it is not used elsewhere and that the password is of such a nature that it is difficult for others to guess.

2. Particular terms for group administrators

A group administrator is one who creates a group in Spond or who is otherwise granted permissions to administrate a group. The age limit to be a group administrator is 15 years old.

As a group administrator you have a particular responsibility to:

  • Have consent from your group members to handle their personal data. If your members are under 13 years old then you need consent from their legal guardians.
  • To not encourage or otherwise accommodate for the storing or sharing of sensitive information about your group members or others.

3. Age limit

The age limit for creating groups in Spond is 15 years. Spond can be used by children under the age of 13 who are registered as users of the group administrator or the child’s guardian. If you are a group administrator and you are registering others in Spond, we presuppose that you have requested and obtained consent from the individuals you are registering. If you register children below 13 years of age, we presuppose that you have requested and obtained consent from the child’s guardian.

4. Changes to the Terms

Spond AS may change the Terms. In case of significant changes, we will notify you in an appropriate manner. For other changes, new terms will be published on If you continue to use Spond, you are considered to have accepted the new terms.

5. Your use of Spond

By using Spond you accept that you will not:

a) Use Spond in any way other than in accordance with its purposes and intentions of Spond.

b) Act in violation of these Terms.

c) Publish content or other materials that is, or may be perceived as, inappropriate, indecent, offensive or degrading.

d) Publish content or other materials to which any other person hold proprietary rights, without prior agreement.

e) Copy, publish, resell, modify, interfere, obtain unlawful access to (or attempt to do so) to Spond, its software, user interface or personal information or other content in Spond.

f) Gain access to, copy, publish or in other ways use the personal data of other Spond users for any other purpose than to create, administrate and participate in Spond groups or events.

g) Add participants to a Spond group or event that you either know, or have reason to believe, does not wish to be in the group or event.

h) Distribute any of the contents in Spond. Content includes text, image, audio, video, software, script or other materials available in Spond.

i) Try to bypass security-related features in Spond.

If you use Spond in violation of these principles or the Terms and Conditions in general, we may close your user account and terminate the agreement with immediate effect. Spond may, on its own initiative, monitor and investigate specific or randomly selected content with the intention of uncovering violations of applicable Terms. We may also remove or censor content or other material that we believe violates these terms, the purpose, or intentions with Spond.

6. Interruption

Spond may from time to time be completely or partially unavailable due to maintenance, updates or other reasons. We will, as far as practicable, provide information about limitations in accessibility of service.

7. Content and Copyright

Using Spond gives you access to a varied content. This could include, for example, the following information:

o Contact information; including name, phone, email, addresses pictures

o Group information; including group name, address, phone

o Activities; including time, location, who will participate

o Questions; including who has answered and what they have answered

o Tasks; including who will do something

o Comments related to the above

Spond AS owns Spond and has all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights to the service and content created by or for Spond AS. You retain all ownership rights to your content. This means that content or other material published by other users is their property and that you may not use such content unless you have an agreement with the owner of such content.

As a user, you are responsible for the content that you publish through the service.

Content that violates any third party rights will be removed from Spond as soon as possible after we become aware of such content.

8. Termination of the agreement

This agreement is valid until terminated by one of the parties. You can terminate the agreement by stop using Spond and deleting your user profile. If we wish to terminate the agreement, we will, as far as possible, notify you in advance.

9. Personal Information

The processing of personal information in connection with Spond is governed by our Privacy Policy.

10. Dispute resolution

Any legal dispute that may arise between you and Spond AS is governed by Norwegian law. Any disputes that are not resolved will be settled with Oslo District Court.

11. Messages

You agree to receive any notices under this agreement by e-mail, regular mail or through Spond. Please see the contact details below if you wish to get in touch with us.

Contact information

Spond AS ( 998 209 218)
Address: Myntgata 2,
N-0151 Oslo,
Norway Email: [email protected]