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Sports Team Management App for Coaches & Group Admins

Be the coach that spends time on what matters most, with the best free sports team management app

We built Spond to give back priceless time to coaches, that they can use to focus on their team.

Keep the team close

Have your messages and posts organized in one place. With all the noise coming from your other apps, we want to help you easily keep in touch with your team, other coaches, and guardians. 

Let Spond chase your event attendees

When scheduling events, responses from the team can get lost in all your notifications. With Spond, you can plan your season and ensure that everyone confirms their participation. 

Have your finances on track

Managing payments is important but it comes with a lot of work. We facilitate the hassle of sending and reminding payments without having to leave the Spond app. 

Features that will save you hours of your valuable time

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Manage group communication more effectively

Create subgroups that can communicate exclusively with each other. Allowing you to manage multiple channels of communication securely and in one place.

Setting up groups Setting up groups
Spond phone Device

Set up your training and fixtures with what our users call the best free sports team management app

Within your Spond event settings you can set meet-up times to congregate before your event starts and plan ahead with travel commitments.

Event planning Event planning


  • What makes Spond the best free sports team management app for coaches and group admins?

    Spond stands out as the premier sports team management app by offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to save coaches and admins valuable time. It streamlines group communication, event scheduling, and financial management within a single platform. This consolidation of tasks allows coaches to focus more on coaching and less on administrative duties, making Spond an invaluable tool in enhancing team management and coordination.

  • How does Spond simplify communication for sports teams?

    Spond simplifies team communication by organizing messages and posts in one centralized location, cutting through the noise of other apps. It supports the creation of subgroups for exclusive communication, ensuring messages reach the right people. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing multiple teams or age groups within a sports club, offering a secure and efficient way to keep in touch with team members, other coaches, and guardians.

  • Can Spond help in tracking and ensuring event attendance for sports teams?

    Yes, Spond excels in managing event attendance by automating the RSVP process. When scheduling events like training sessions or matches, Spond actively chases up responses to ensure everyone confirms their participation. This feature eliminates the hassle of tracking attendance manually, enabling coaches and admins to plan their season effectively and ensure high turnout for all events.

  • How does Spond manage sports team finances and payments?

    Managing team finances is streamlined with Spond’s integrated payment feature. The app facilitates the sending of payment requests and reminders directly within its platform, eliminating the need to use separate banking or payment apps. This convenience not only saves time but also helps maintain accurate financial records, making it easier for sports teams to manage memberships, event fees, and other payments efficiently.

  • What are the key time-saving features of Spond for sports team management?

    Spond offers several key features that save coaches and admins hours of work. These include efficient group communication with the ability to create subgroups, automated event attendance tracking, and straightforward financial management with integrated payment processing. Additionally, Spond’s intuitive event planning tools allow for setting meet-up times and managing travel commitments, further enhancing the app’s value as a comprehensive solution for sports team management.

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