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New Feature Alert: Introducing Auto Approval and Easy Renewal in Spond Club


Gymnast on balance beam demonstrating precision, mirroring the Auto Approval feature in Spond Club

We’re excited to introduce Auto Approval and Easy Renewal in Spond Club. These two powerful features are designed to enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of the Spond platform, transforming the way clubs operate, making your administrative tasks smoother and improving the overall user experience for all club admins.

Auto Approval Saves Time

Auto Approval is a transformational feature that clubs can enable to automatically approve new members. This function allows for immediate activation of memberships, whether they involve a payment at the time of sign-up or not. The immediate benefit is a faster and more streamlined signup process, enabling new members to enjoy access to Spond immediately. By minimising administrative tasks, club admins can dedicate more time to their club and less to paperwork.

Membership Renewal Made Simple

The Easy Renewal feature is a game changer for club admins. It simplifies the membership renewal process, which means that existing members will receive a personalised link with their information pre-entered, making re-registration quick and stress-free. This ensures that members are not listed as duplicates and preserves the personal touch crucial to member satisfaction. It’s a hassle-free way for members to continue their engagement with the club, and less work for club admins, 

Smooth Integration Means Less Manual Handling

Both Auto Approval and Easy Renewal are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing Spond Club setup. If your club reaches capacity, new sign-ups are automatically placed on a waiting list and managed manually, maintaining your oversight of member management.

These innovations not only enhance the convenience and appeal of Spond Club, but also make life easier for your members and significantly boost operational efficiency. By reducing the need for manual input, they free up club admins from time-consuming day to day tasks, 

We encourage all Spond Club admins to take advantage of these new features. Elevate your club’s membership management with Spond and ensure a seamless, enjoyable experience for every member. We are, quite literally, taking the hard work out of teamwork.


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  • What is Auto Approval in Spond Club?

    Auto Approval is a feature within Spond Club that allows clubs to automatically approve new members, streamlining the sign-up process and enabling immediate access to club activities. This feature significantly reduces the administrative burden, allowing club staff to focus more on enhancing member experience and less on paperwork.

  • How does Easy Renewal work for existing members in Spond Club?

    Easy Renewal simplifies the membership renewal process for existing members by providing them with a personalized link that comes pre-filled with their information. This facilitates a quick, stress-free re-registration process, ensuring that members continue their club involvement without the hassle of re-entering all their details.

  • Can Spond Club handle membership capacity issues?

    Yes, Spond Club is designed to handle membership capacity effectively. If a club reaches its capacity, new sign-ups are automatically added to a waiting list and must be managed manually. This feature helps maintain the quality of member management and ensures clubs can manage their memberships efficiently.

  • What are the benefits of using Spond Club for sports club management?

    Spond Club enhances club management by offering features like Auto Approval and Easy Renewal, which automate and simplify significant aspects of administrative work. These tools reduce the need for manual input, save time, improve accuracy in membership data management, and enhance overall operational efficiency, making club administration easier and more effective.

  • How can club admins get started with Auto Approval and Easy Renewal in Spond Club?

    Club admins can easily activate Auto Approval and prepare for the launch of Easy Renewal by accessing their club settings in Spond Club. Detailed guides and support are available on the Spond Club platform to assist with setup and to ensure that club admins can maximize the benefits of these features from day one.