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The optimum solution for organising multiple teams or groups

Spond Club puts you in charge. With Spond Club, you gain full control over your membership register with all the flexibility, efficiency and security you need in your daily operations. The best part? It’s completely free!

Spond has always been committed to helping groups and teams organise and fund their activities through the Spond app. Now, we are taking it to the next level with Spond Club, a comprehensive membership system that gathers all the information you need for your daily operations in one place.

With Spond Club, you will finally be able to get your membership registers in order. Avoid the hassle of having to manually revise your membership registers – Spond Club does it automatically for you! As members make changes in their profile in the Spond app, this information is automatically updated in your membership register. Rid yourself of administrative hassle, and fetch your whistle – now you can focus on the sport you love instead of the paperwork you dread!

Spond Club ensures that you will receive subs and other payments faster, always have customised and updated membership registers, and enjoy the peace of mind that your members’ safety online is safeguarded as Spond is GDPR compliant.

Spond offers a completely free membership system that saves time and resources that could be better spent on the sport you love. Spond only takes a small transaction fee on payments. Spond’s support service is also completely free, and you can contact Spond with any questions you might have.

“We are very pleased with Spond Club! We use it to organize our scout group and all of its subgroups. It is easy to gain a comprehensive overview, and it is great for organizing, scheduling, keeping track of members’ attendance, and keeping in contact with both members and parents. It is also great for communication between us leaders.” – Axel Ask-Bolstad, Beaver leader 1, in Kolsås scout group.

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