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Haunchwood Sports Juniors FC Top Fundraising Table in First Ever £10K Spond Superdraw


A Warwickshire football club has topped the fundraising league, raising more than any other group in the first ever £10K Spond Superdraw. Haunchwood Sports Juniors FC beat hundreds of other groups to come out top in the monthly fundraiser organised by Spond, the UK’s leading team management app.

Launched to help grassroots sports teams and volunteer groups dramatically increase their fundraising capability, Superdraw is Spond’s biggest ever fundraiser, offering a guaranteed monthly cash payout, giving groups a new way to raise much-needed extra capital, and offering entrants the chance to win £10K. Haunchwood Sports Juniors FC, based near Nuneaton, was just one of hundreds of teams that signed up for the first ever Superdraw, managing to raise more than any other group.

Club chair Colin Straker commented: “We took part in the Superdraw pilot earlier this year and we think it’s a great way to bring funds into the club. It’s quick to set up and convenient to share, so everyone buys into it.

“This time, we pushed it more on social media and got more teams involved, so it was a proper club fundraiser and a collective effort to fund goals, flags and drainage works on our new pitch. Next step is to raise £5k for new changing facilities.”

The appeal of the monthly Spond Superdraw is threefold. Firstly, Spond takes all the risk, paying for all of the prizes and administration each month, meaning groups don’t have to bear any startup or operational costs. Secondly, groups using Spond can create custom digital fundraisers in seconds and unlock a host of promotional inventory – such as personalised landing pages, tracking links and QR codes – that they can use to promote their cause, share via social media and sell entries. Thirdly, Spond guarantees a £10,000 first prize every month, along with a host of other giveaways.

“It’s been an exhilarating month for Spond’s UK team and we’ve been so impressed by the takeup of Superdraw,” said Julian Bewley of Spond. “Coaches, admins, players and supporters have come together across the UK to help sell entries and promote the draw, raising serious money for their teams and groups. Big congratulations to Haunchwood Sports Juniors FC for topping our fundraising league table. It’s a massive achievement. And this is just the beginning, £10K could become £100,000 – or even a million – as Superdraw continues to grow.”

The first top prize winner on £10K Spond Superdraw was payroll clerk Jess Ross from Llanelli, South Wales, a supporter of Llangennech RFC u13s, who won with entry number 683-410.