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How an English Country Cricket Club Plays Smart with Spond


Shoreham and Otford CC is thriving thanks to the Spond team management app

Shoreham and Otford Cricket Club, nestled in the garden of England, is embarking on its most ambitious season yet, thanks to the innovative Spond team management app. This club, born from the merger of two Kent village teams in 2019, has flourished even through challenging times, attributing its success to the unwavering loyalty of its members and the digital prowess of the Spond app.

The Role of Spond in Club Management

Initially integrating Spond in 2018 for basic team management, the club fully embraced the app or comprehensive team administration, including match setups, attendance tracking, and payments. Grant Scandling, a committee member, emphasises the app’s critical role in streamlining payments, highlighting the ease of collecting dues and fees digitally as a game-changer for the club’s treasurer.

Spond’s Impact Beyond Shoreham and Otford

The adoption of Spond has not only simplified administration for Shoreham and Otford Cricket Club but also resonated with 3 million monthly users worldwide. The app’s efficiency saves team coaches and admins an average of 2.5 hours weekly, significantly benefiting those managing multiple squads or large memberships.

Innovations and Future Prospects

“We would really struggle to manage the team without Spond. In fact, it’s one of those things where you look back and wonder how on earth you got by without it,” said Grant. “Payments is one area where it really makes a difference. Instead of having to manage cash, bank transfers and sometimes even cheques, we now collect all subs, match fees and other payments via the Spond app. Our Treasurer loves it!”

New Features and Forward-Looking Innovations

Grant and his fellow members at Shoreham and Otford Cricket Club have discovered the benefits of Spond as a cricket team app, alongside 3 million other monthly active users. Team coaches and organisers each save 2.5 hours a week on average, or even longer where they are dealing with multiple squads and larger memberships.

“As we prepare for the 2022 cricket season to come to the crease, it’s great to see a club like Shoreham and Otford Cricket Club thriving with a little help from the Spond app,” said Trine Falnes, Spond, CEO. “Our tech team has been working hard to deliver a range of new features that will make life even easier for people like Grant, including a new availability tool, which makes it easier to allocate players to different squads depending on who is available and fit to play.”

“We’ve also added a new fundraising platform to help UK clubs raise money for anything they need, from new nets to pads or attendance at away matches, so we’re doing our bit for the sustainability of grassroots sports in the UK. And you can now upload videos to the Spond app to showcase match highlights or other events, which is perfect if someone has managed to capture an On Drive or a Googly on film.”

The Power of Volunteering and Data Privacy

For clubs like Shoreham and Otford, with a team of volunteers dedicated to the development of youthful talent in grassroots cricket, Spond also has one more key advantage. With GDPR, data privacy and safeguarding built in at the very core of the platform and its features that take care of many complex admin tasks for them, while also offering peace of mind to parents and guardians.

Grant added: “There are probably six volunteers who form the heart of the club, and work with other members to make it a real success. Most of these people also work full-time jobs elsewhere, so Spond allows them to spend less time on, admittedly necessary, administrative work, and more time out on the pitch, which is where the magic happens.”

Expanding Spond’s Influence

It’s not just cricket that Spond is transforming either, with rugby teams and football clubs also benefiting from the feature-packed team management app. To find out more about Spond and how it could transform the management of your sports team or grassroots group, download the Spond app today.

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