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Save Time with Spond Club


Spond Club is a user-friendly, flexible and efficient interface

Clubs and associations are often run by volunteers who spend their free time trying to make sports more accessible to young people. Spond Club is designed to lighten the burden of administrative tasks so that you can focus on what matters: Organizing activities for children and youths. 

According to Spond’s own research, the Spond app has saved coaches more than two hours of administrative work each and every week. This allows coaches to spend more time doing what they love, and less time on administration. Now, we have taken Spond’s innovative and time-saving solutions to the next level with Spond Club, which provides new, intuitive and comprehensive tools for the administrators of clubs and organizations.

Spond Club streamlines time-consuming administrative tasks that eat up valuable time. With automatically updated membership registers, efficient communication services and flexible payment solutions, you are sure to save valuable time and resources that would be better spent elsewhere.

Spond Club is a user-friendly, flexible and efficient system. Spond Club is fully integrated with the Spond app, which means that coaches and managers on the team level also save time with Spond Club.

Manager Alexander Aamodt of Ippon Judo Club said the following about the Spond Club: “Since Spond Club is such a simple and efficient system, I have saved many hours in administrative tasks and follow-up. Spond often sends emails and surveys to the clubs, and that allows me to help shape the tool that I use in my day-to-day life!”