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Spond Focuses on the Tasks so You Can Focus on the People


Team uses the Spond sports team management app to stay ahead of the competition.

The lights of the field shine bright through the dark night. The work for Walter Christian and his team is just getting started for the evening.

As a coach and board member with the St. Stands and Sayreville Little League Baseball team in Sayreville, New Jersey, Walter is responsible for managing his teams and assisting with the communications across the league. Just three years ago, Walter was using TeamSnap for his team, relying on it to manage all team communications while keeping important information organized and secure. But as his team and responsibilities grew, Walter began looking for a better alternative. He wanted a platform that allowed his team to share videos, communicate in various subgroups, and didn’t have the ads or extra cost.

After a recommendation from a friend, Walter happened upon Spond. Although he saw some similarities between the systems, the benefits of Spond outweighed anything TeamSnap offered.

“The first thing that caught my attention was how the app was cost-free. This was a huge factor for me, especially knowing that money savings could be put back into our league.”

Walter also values the protection of the payment information and personal data he collects from his parents and players. With Spond being GDPR compliant and in compliance with the Personal Data Act, he knows all the personal information he is gathering is organized and safe.

With Walter wearing multiple hats within the league, another feature he finds helpful is the calendar sync and full PC functionality. 

“Whether I’m on my phone or computer, I have full access to my groups. I can see all the events in a calendar view which helps keep me organized and on track. I can also post documents to groups and subgroups, making it easy to communicate with all my parents and players. It saves me tons of time throughout the week that I can now put towards my team and my position on the board.”

No matter how many hats you find yourself wearing, Spond makes life easier, takes the focus off the tasks, and lets you focus on the people. 

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