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Major Milestone as Spond Hits 1 Million Users in the UK


Landmark Achievement for Grassroots Sports Team Management Platform

Spond, the leading sports team management platform, celebrates a significant milestone: reaching 1 million monthly active users in the UK. This growth is remarkable, especially considering that the platform only recently achieved 2 million users worldwide, a figure that has since increased to 2.7 million.

At the heart of Spond’s growth lies its powerful, user-friendly app and club solutions. Primarily tailored for sports clubs and team management, the platform also supports a variety of grassroots organizations. From choirs to hiking groups, these groups benefit greatly from its streamlined interface and comprehensive features.

Remarkable User Loyalty

Trine Falnes, Spond CEO, commented, “We’re elated to observe the remarkable loyalty our users in the UK and worldwide have shown towards Spond. Our unwavering commitment to offering a free app and club solution highlights our dedication to grassroots clubs and teams of all sizes. Our user-centric approach, focused on meeting the needs of our users and listening to their feedback, continues to strike a chord with our UK audience.”

Steve Fletcher, chairman and founder of Solent Sports, Spond’s largest UK club, also praises the platform. “Spond has been crucial in managing our club. The platform simplifies administration and streamlines communication, even for our large, geographically spread-out members.”

Commitment to User Satisfaction

Spond’s dedication to intuitive design and user satisfaction is gaining traction in the grassroots community. Besides dominating mainstream sports like football, cricket, and rugby in the UK, the platform is expanding its influence in niche sports and activities. The organic growth driven by user recommendations speaks volumes about Spond’s effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Trine added: “As we reflect on our achievements, our sights are firmly set on the future. With an increasing number of grassroots coaches and admins in the UK turning to technology to optimise scarce volunteer resources and ensure payments are seamlessly managed, we aim to be their first choice. We are so grateful for the trust placed in us by our user and for Spond, the sky’s the limit.”

Spond’s future appears bright as the grassroots sports team management platform continues to solidify its role as an essential communication tool in sports and group activities. For more information, visit



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