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Spond Hits 2 Million Users After Record-Breaking Year


Leading sports team management platform Spond has smashed through its own growth targets for 2022, hitting 2 million monthly active users just a year after reaching its first million, an achievement driven by the rapid rebound of grassroots sport following the pandemic and the successful exploration of new markets.

The Oslo-based business, which offers its Spond app and Spond Club products free to grassroots clubs and groups, has expanded by 56% in the past year on the back of a significant investment by Verdane, the European specialist growth equity investor. Spond is predicting further rapid growth in 2023 as it continues to expand its presence in key markets, including the UK and USA, while also offering enhancements and more features in the Spond platform.

“After two years of relative uncertainty, during which our growth trajectory was strong, although less predictable, 2022 has been a record-breaking year for Spond, and we have broken the 2 million user barrier well ahead of schedule,” said Trine Falnes, Spond CEO. “”Spond exists to be a digital enabler of grassroot sports, enhancing physical and mental health by making life easier for admins, coaches, players and supporters, so the more people using the platform, the more groups we can help to survive and prosper.

“Sustainability in grassroots sports teams and other organisations is more important than ever, and it’s not only about money, although Spond is working to make things easier in this area with our built-in fundraising tools. We estimate that, by using our free app, the average team admin will save around 2.5 hours per week, or even more if they are overseeing a larger club.”

Highlights for 2022 have included the launch of Spond Superdraw, a groundbreaking fundraising tool for UK clubs and teams, offering a guaranteed prize of £10k per month, a deal to take on the user base of erstwhile Dutch rival, and a series of new features to make life even easier for team coaches, including enhanced availability tools, in-play updates and more fundraising options for Spond’s core Norwegian market.

Trine added: “We see 2022 as only the beginning of Spond’s growth trajectory. In 2023, we’ll be looking to build on this awesome foundation with more new users, further expansion in key markets and promoting further takeup among clubs and groups already signed up. With so much focus on the global economy, being free to use is a major selling point. The fact that we can also offer fundraising tools, coupled with the other key benefits of the Spond platform – such as time savings and reduced stress – means that we’re well placed to capitalise on our track record for growth.”

The world of grassroots activity continues to evolve, and Spond remains committed to innovation,with ongoing enhancements to its app and Spond Club. To find out how Spond can help your club or group take the hard work out of teamwork, visit