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Spond Hits 3 Million Monthly Active Users


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Spond, the popular club and team management solution, has reached the global milestone of 3 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs). The platform, which originated in Norway, is now seeing significant growth in markets like the UK, the US, France, and Germany.

Conquering Key Markets Beyond Norway

While Norway remains a stronghold, Spond is quickly gaining traction in larger markets. The UK has been a particular success story, where the Spond platform has secured a market-leading position with more than 1 million MAUs. Spond’s growth in the US, France, Germany, and other markets highlights its expanding international appeal. The focus on streamlining club administration and team management, saving time for admins and making life simpler for members, clearly resonates across borders.

Martin Eide, Interim CEO of Spond, expressed his excitement about this milestone, stating: “Hitting 3 million MAUs, just one year after we reached 2 million,  is a significant achievement for Spond and reflects the hard work of the entire Spond team. Our mission is to ‘take the hard work out of teamwork’, so we’re especially proud to see this growth in key markets outside Norway, which proves that our platform has global appeal.”

Revolutionising Fundraising and Payments

Spond is not just a tool for organising clubs and teams. Its fundraising and payment features make it a comprehensive solution for sports and community organisations of all sizes, providing them with the tools they need to thrive. Organisers can effortlessly collect fees, run fundraisers, and manage their finances, removing administrative barriers and freeing up more time for core activities. 

The ease and transparency of Spond’s payment system have played a pivotal role in driving user adoption. Club and group organisers can handle all transactions in one place, and members can easily make payments in seconds. In 2023, Spond also introduced installment payments, which is a welcome feature for clubs and teams that want to help their members spread the cost of memberships, match fees, courses and kit. 

Spond Club: Enhanced Features Draw More Users

The Spond Club solution integrates seamlessly with the app, providing a comprehensive suite of admins tools for clubs with multiple teams or groups. Features include messaging, member management, and intuitive payment integration. Spond Club has recently been further enhanced with the introduction of Auto Approval for new members and a streamlined Membership Renewal feature. 

Martin continued: “Our goal is to provide admins and coaches with a single platform that covers all their needs, making their lives easier and their clubs or teams more successful. We’ll continue to enhance and refine the Spond offer based on user feedback to ensure it remains the best option out there.”

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  • How has Spond achieved the milestone of 3 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?

    Spond reached 3 million MAUs through its user-friendly platform that resonates with clubs and teams worldwide. Its focus on ease of use, transparency in payments, and comprehensive management tools has driven user adoption. Significant growth in markets like the UK, the US, France, and Germany has contributed to this milestone.

  • What are some key features of Spond that set it apart from other club and team management solutions?

    Spond  offers a range of features including seamless messaging, member management, and integrated payment solutions. It also supports fundraising efforts . Spond Club has recently introduced features like Auto Approval for new members and streamlined Membership Renewal. These enhancements make it a preferred choice for clubs and teams looking for a reliable management solution.

  • How does Spond's payment platform work and what benefits does it offer?

    Spond’s payment platform allows organizers to collect fees and manage finances all in one place. Members can make payments quickly and easily, and the introduction of installment payments in 2023 has been a welcome feature for spreading the cost of memberships and other fees. This system ensures transparency and efficiency, reducing administrative burdens for organizers.

  • How can new clubs or teams start using Spond Club?

    New clubs or teams can start using Spond Club by visiting the Spond website ( and signing up. The platform offers a user-friendly setup process, and its comprehensive tools and features are designed to help clubs and teams of all sizes manage their activities efficiently. For additional support, Spond offers resources and customer service to assist new users in getting started.

  • What is Spond and how does it benefit sports clubs and teams?

    Spond is a comprehensive management solution designed for sports clubs and teams. It streamlines club administration, offers intuitive payment solutions, and simplifies fundraising efforts. By using Spond Club, organizers can save time on administrative tasks and focus more on core activities, enhancing the overall experience for members and admins alike.