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How Spond Makes Team Management Easier for Basketball Coaches


Basketball team management is simple with Spond

Basketball is a game of skill. The dunks, behind the back passes, and skilful dribbling mesmerise the crowd. But to Darius Malloy it means so much more.

Coach Malloy acts as the Director of Operations and Head Coach of two teams with ISA Youth Basketball Inc., a non-profit organisation focusing on the development of at-risk youth through basketball. Located in Lakeland, Florida, ISA doesn’t just teach athletes the ins-and-outs of the sport, it fosters a love of the game and imparts the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork and loyalty.

Moving from TeamSnap to Spond

Two years ago, ISA was using TeamSnap to communicate with the families and athletes in their program. Instead of using his time to focus on the development of the youth on his teams, Coach Malloy was having to navigate a platform that made it difficult for him to manage multiple teams as well as teaching others how to use the platform.

“My favourite part of my role is meeting and communicating with the wonderful kids in our organisation. I knew there had to be a better way to relay information that allowed me more time to do what I love”, said Malloy.

While searching for another communication alternative, Malloy found Spond on the Google Play Store and knew it would be a great fit for his basketball team.

“I was instantly drawn to Spond by how easy to use and convenient it was to use the app. It was also a huge selling point that it’s ad free and free to use!

Spond, a cost free and ad free team and club communication app, is taking the hard-work out of team-work by giving team leaders, coaches, members, and guardians the ability to communicate seamlessly on one platform.

See how Spond compares to TeamSnap and SportsEngine.

Using Spond to run a smoother organisation

After two years of use, not only is he saving time and money, he is also enjoying many amazing features.

When asked about the ways his team uses the app, Malloy detailed that, “Spond gives us the opportunity to stay in constant contact with parents and players. If there are last minute changes or if families have questions, we can easily get in touch through the platform.”

Spond gives coaches like Darius the opportunity to do more of what he loves.

Coach Malloy is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly within the organisation. From coaching and scheduling games to management of marketing and finances, he does a little bit of everything.

“ISA Youth Basketball is a huge fan of Spond. I’m able to manage group chats, event scheduling, posts, polls, and so much more. Every feature within Spond is immensely helpful in making sure our organisation runs smoothly.”

Thanks to Spond, Coach Malloy and his staff have more time to further the vision behind ISA Youth Basketball. A vision of empowering the next generation of athletes to develop a love of the game while learning characteristics and qualities applicable to everyday life.

To learn more about how Spond can help support your organisation’s values, schedule a demo with our team!