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Portobello Sailing and Kayaking Club: Embracing Spond as a Sailing Club App


xPortobello Sailing and Kayaking Club members sailing on the Firth of Forth using Spond as their sailing club app.

Founded in 2009, the Portobello Sailing and Kayaking Club (PSKC) is a thriving sports community on the Firth of Forth in Edinburgh. The club focuses on sailing and kayaking, and also incorporates coastal rowing. With 360 members divided among six groups, the club needed an efficient solution for managing its diverse activities. To tackle these challenges, PSKC adopted Spond as their club app, transforming how they organise events and engage with members.

Moving to a Unified Platform

Before adopting Spond, each sporting group within the club operated independently, using separate systems for communication and organising activities. The rowers were the first to implement Spond, followed by the kayaking and sailing sections. Eventually, the club recognised the need to consolidate all sports into one comprehensive platform.

Richard Hope, the Membership Secretary, managed the migration to Spond Club in 2024, ensuring a seamless transition that unified all sporting activities. He noted, “Our aim was to try and integrate the three different groups into one club, both in terms of administration and the psychology of the members. Spond has really helped us to achieve this.”

Simplified Event Management and Communication

With Spond’s centralised system, organising events is now streamlined, and signing up for them is straightforward. Coaches and admins can easily plan activities through the sailing club app, while members can RSVP and pay their fees with a few clicks. Spond also provides a unified messaging platform, which has strengthened the sense of community across sports.

Richard highlighted, “There’s less need to cross-check a different messaging system. Notifications keep everyone up-to-date, while the intuitive interface makes managing and joining events effortless.”

Saving Time and Building Community

Adopting Spond required an initial time investment, but Richard believes this effort will yield substantial time savings for the committee and coaches over the next year. They expect to save hours of administrative work each month, freeing up time to focus on enhancing the member experience.

The convenience of integrated messaging, payment collection, and file storage eliminates the need to cross-reference data from different systems. Moreover, members and coaches appreciate the intuitive events and messaging features, while the notification system ensures no one misses important updates.

A Sound Decision

The decision to adopt Spond as their sailing club app has brought Portobello Sailing and Kayaking Club together in a more organised and efficient way. The club now manages its members, events, and communication effortlessly from a single platform, fostering a stronger sense of community and streamlining administrative tasks. “It’s a great product,” Richard affirmed. “Members like the app and the admins love Spond Club.”


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  • How does Spond benefit a sailing club?

    Spond benefits a sailing club by streamlining event management, simplifying communication, and reducing administrative tasks. It helps club members stay informed and engaged, while also making it easy to manage RSVPs and payments.

  • What is the best sailing club app for event management?

    The best sailing club app for event management is Spond. It provides a centralised platform for organizing events, managing communications, and collecting payments, making it an ideal choice for sailing clubs.

  • Can Spond be used for multiple sports within a club?

    Yes, Spond can be used for multiple sports within a club. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing diverse activities, as demonstrated by the Portobello Sailing and Kayaking Club, which uses Spond for sailing, kayaking, and coastal rowing.

  • How does Spond enhance communication in a sailing club?

    Spond enhances communication in a sailing club by providing a unified messaging platform. This allows members to receive updates and notifications in real-time, reducing the need for multiple communication systems and ensuring everyone stays informed.

  • What features make Spond the ideal sailing club app?

    Spond is the ideal sailing club app due to its features like event management, integrated payment collection, centralized communication, and an intuitive interface. These features help streamline administrative tasks and foster a stronger sense of community within the club.