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The Parent Trap: Why multiple sports team apps can make life a misery


Spond can make team management simpler for parents and coaches

Any parent of multiple kids, or maybe even a single child who does lots of different activities, have probably been driven mad by the juggling of multiple diaries and sports team management apps as they try to keep track of fixtures, training, memberships and other demands.

Spond helps parents manage their child’s activities with ease.

While the sports team app has revolutionised the way that grassroots teams are organised and how they communicate, it can become more of a hindrance than a help, especially for a working parent with multiple kids to marshal. Unless the multiple apps have seamless integration with a centralised diary, confusion, chaos and double bookings are an ever-present danger.

The good news is that the Spond grassroots team app could be the answer to every parent’s prayers. Instead of multiple apps and accounts for different kids, sports and squads, Spond gives access to multiple activities (and multiple kids) on a single account, provided that the teams are all using the Spond platform, of course. This means that you get an integrated diary, along with simplified payments and unified messaging, all in one place.

Trine Falnes, Spond CEO, commented: “As a mum of three extremely sporty kids myself, I know that the challenge is real. You have one app for this and another for that, and before you know it, you’re supposed to be in three different places at once. The Spond team are real people, many with families, and experience showed us that we needed to find a better way.

“The other great thing about Spond is that it comes with inbuilt safeguarding tools, so you’re not only able to organise all your kids’ activities in a single app, you can also keep an eye on any interactions they are having with other members, and you know that only authorised people have access to messaging and other comms.”

With the average iPhone user having over 80 different apps on their phone, and probably even more for a working parent, the challenge to keep on top of things is very real. After two years of relative calm and serenity during the pandemic, sports and after-school activities are now back with a vengeance, and participation is on the rise as kids take advantage of their new-found freedoms.

While many families will seek to keep track of things the old-fashioned way, maybe with a white board in the kitchen, and others might try to keep an online diary that’s synced across the phones of family members, there really is no simpler solution than a sports team app that does the hard work for you. Spond will not only help you keep track of multiple teams, matches and training sessions, it will also help identify any clashes for those with more than one child or sport to deal with.

“I think it’s awesome that we are seeing such a rapid return to sport for young people. We’re seeing this in the numbers on the Spond app, where we recently hit 1.4 million active users per month. If we can do our bit to help get kids active, while also keeping their parents sane, then Spond is doing its job perfectly.”

If your kids are in a grassroots sports team, or any other kind of organisation or club, why not download Spond today? It’s free and ad-free, with a series of tools that are sure to make your easier.