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Whether You’re a Player or a Coach, Spond Is the Difference Maker


“A single source of truth”. That’s how Bob Marx would describe Spond. As a player and team captain for the Mustard Tigers, an inline hockey team, Bob led the charge for the team in 2020 to find a platform that enabled the team to streamline communication, organize player information in an easy-to-access manner, and was free to use. While searching for alternatives to other platforms like TeamSnap and SportsEngine, Bob stumbled upon Spond and the rest is history.

“The primary driver in our choice to join Spond was our desire to centralise our team contact list and have one platform where we could share photos and videos. Across the organisation, each team was using a different method, such as Excel, email, or text groups, which are prone to error and files inevitably get lost. We realized there were inconsistent copies of information floating around or team members were left off communications inadvertently. It was a tedious and frustrating process that took a lot of our time.”

When Bob and his team switched to Spond, it instantly fixed this. Now administrators and coaches had access to all contact information in one place that was accurate and consistent. He found Spond so beneficial in his player experience ‌he began using the communication app with the Upper Saint Clair Inline Hockey team he coaches.

“Spond gives us the opportunity to communicate with the entire organisation or with individual teams, depending on the information we need to disseminate. We found that the other platforms weren’t as seamless and couldn’t handle communication between parents or teams as cleanly.”

Bob believes Spond’s real strengths lie in how polished and well thought out the app is. For example, this app allows the user to schedule game invitations to be sent at a specific time. Bob has also seen a higher number of responses thanks to the 48-hour reminder that is sent out prior to events. It also allows his players and parents to share photos and videos from previous games or practices with others from the team.

Having a single, cost-free platform that houses and safeguards all parent and player information has been helpful to Bob as both a player and a coach. Spond has given him confidence in knowing he can communicate with parents, players, and teammates effectively.

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