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Spond: Social Sustainability in Grassroots Sport


Why Social Sustainability is vital to the future of Grassroots Sport

Leading sports team management app Spond has taken the opportunity to look back on two years of lockdowns and upheaval with our Social Sustainability in Grassroots Sports report, which looks at how teams and organisations in Europe and the USA have managed to not only survive, but in many cases thrive during the pandemic.

With 25% of grassroots teams in the UK at risk of disappearing according to research from the Made by Sport charity, and despite being unable to meet up for months on end, coaches and players used apps like Spond to keep in touch, organise group activities, and plan for the eventual opening up. This trend was exemplified by the fact that Spond’s user base continued to grow throughout the pandemic, hitting 1.4 million monthly active users in early 2022.

“Lockdowns were a challenge for many, but they also brought teams and players together, with a sense of camaraderie like never before,” said Trine Falnes, CEO at Spond. “Our users told us how Spond allowed them to stay connected and keep active, and the team here at Spond were thrilled to support our loyal coaches, players and supporters over the past two years, keeping them in touch and helping them keep going.

“Spond exists to be a digital enabler of grassroot sports, physical and mental health. So, looking to the future, we recognise that many teams need help to survive and prosper, which is why sustainability in grassroots sports teams and other organisations is more important than ever, and we’re committed to doing our bit.”

During 2021, Spond saved more than 1,550 working years of admin time for coaches and committees, equating to unpaid work valued at £180 million. It also helped to raise more than £3.3 million for grassroots teams and groups through its numerous fundraising channels, and more than 50 million messages were shared on the Spond app, reflecting a total user growth of 41%.

“The main point of Social Sustainability in Grassroots Sports is to provide reassurance that, even if things aren’t easy right now, there is a future for teams and groups in the voluntary sector,” added Trine. “With constant improvements to the Spond app, new features such as enhanced payment processing and fundraising tools, we’re doing our bit to help teams and groups maximise their revenue and make the most of the volunteer resources available to them.”

The world of grassroots activity continues to evolve, and Spond remains committed to innovation,with ongoing enhancements to its complete Club, team and league management platform. You can read the full Social Sustainability in Grassroots Sports report or, to find out how Spond can help your team or group take the hard work out of teamwork, contact us today or download the Spond app for free!