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Welcome to Spond Club.
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Spond Club allows admins with multiple groups and teams to manage their entire club from a simple and intuitive web-based interface, saving even more time and stress. Check out this short video to see how it works:

The Spond ecosystem


How to set up Spond Club

Go through your settings:

4 minutes

Under settings, you can grant permissions for club and group admins permissions, and control settings for your groups and teams. You can also create member types and fields so you can choose how to organize and keep track of your members.


Import your groups and/or members:

10 minutes

If your members already have existing Spond groups, you can easily import them – the members won’t notice any difference and we can help you find all the groups. 

If your members do not currently use Spond, you can easily import them through an Excel template. 


Create a signup form for your new members:

3 minutes

Make sure you get all the information you want on your new members. Once you’ve set this up, you can add this to your webpage, for example.


Add more club admins:

1 minute

If more admins need access to Spond Club, you can easily add them. You can also use the different club roles, with different permissions for each club admin.


Set up a club account:

10 minutes

You can add as many club accounts as you want – you can also say how often your payouts should happen. In this area, you can add your groups/teams accounts. If you add these accounts, you can say that group admins are only allowed to use these accounts.


Set up payment requests:

5 minutes

It’s easy to set up payments from your members. You can choose to add a discount, you can also give individual customisations. If someone wants to split a payment, you can let them to do this as well.



Create a Course Registration:

5 minutes

A great way for your members to do more of what they love and a great introduction for potential new members. Create different types of product variations – they can pay upfront or have a monthly subscription. You can also refund and cancel a registration.


Set up your own website with Spond Club

Manage your website in the same place you handle events, memberships, communication, and tailor your website’s look and feel to match your club’s branding. Allows you to reduce the time and effort spent on administrative tasks, freeing up more resources for your club’s activities and community building. 


Set up a fundraising campaign:

4 minutes

An easy and fun way to collect funds. 

  • “The more data you put in Spond Club, the better it becomes. The filtration system on the database is incredible.”

    Jonathan Speller | Cricket Director - Wimbledon Cricket Club

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    • What is Spond Club and how can it benefit my sports club?

      Spond Club is a web-based platform designed to simplify the administration of sports clubs with multiple groups and teams. It provides club admins an intuitive interface to manage their entire club efficiently, reducing time and stress involved in administrative tasks. Benefits include easy member and group management, streamlined communication, and the ability to handle payments and fundraising efforts all in one place.

    • How do I set up Spond Club for my sports club?

      Setting up Spond Club involves a few straightforward steps: configuring your settings to manage permissions and organize members, importing existing groups or members, creating a signup form for new members, adding club admins, setting up club accounts for financial management, establishing payment requests, creating course registrations, and initiating fundraising campaigns. Each step is designed to be quick and easy, ensuring a seamless setup process.

    • Can I import existing members or groups into Spond Club?

      Yes, if your members already belong to Spond groups, you can effortlessly import these groups into Spond Club without your members noticing any changes. For members not currently using Spond, there is an option to import them through an Excel template, making the transition smooth and straightforward.

    • How does Spond Club handle payments and financial transactions?

      Spond Club offers a comprehensive system for managing payments and financial transactions. You can set up payment requests, offer instalment payments, and manage group/team finances. Payment requests are easy to set up, allowing for discounts, customisation for individual members, and the option for members to split payments. This system simplifies the financial management of your club, making it easier to handle memberships, course registrations, and more.

    • What features does Spond Club offer to engage club members and support growth?

      Besides administrative and financial management features, Spond Club supports club growth and member engagement through various tools. You can create course registrations to offer structured activities for members, allowing for upfront payments or monthly subscriptions. Additionally, setting up fundraising campaigns is straightforward, providing a fun and effective way to support your club’s financial health and community engagement efforts.

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