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Spond vs TeamSnap vs SportsEngine​


The free and simple alternative to TeamSnap and SportsEngine that delivers for your grassroots sports team.

We look at key features to work out which is the best sports team app for your club.

We look at key features to work out which is the best sports team app for your club.


High-level comparison

The question of which team management app to use – Spond, TeamSnap or SportsEngine – is a difficult one for grassroots sports team coaches and volunteers. The three apps are all great options for different reasons, but which platform is best? Spond offers great features and functionality and is free to use; TeamSnap is simple and intuitive, but lacks some of Spond’s free features; and SportsEngine offers plenty of basic-level features without any monthly fee at all, plus a paid premium option

All three platforms offer their own set of pros and cons, so it’s up to you as the coach or volunteer to decide what your needs are. Spond is great of all sizes, TeamSnap is ideal for small groups or individual teams, and SportsEngine is good for leagues or organizations with many teams. Whichever app you choose, we recommend you try them and see which one works best for you!

Spond vs Teamsnap vs SportsEngine comparison

Cost to useFree$0 to $129.99 per year$0 / $749 per year for Premium
Number of users per teamUnlimited40 (Unlimited on paid version)Unlimited
G2 rating4.93.94.0
iOS app rating4.84.84.8
Android app rating4.54.54.0
Mobile app$
Payments5% + $0.503.25% + $1.503.5% + $2.00
Social Interaction
Event ManagementLimited to 15 users$
Availability Confirmation$$
Courses & Camps
Data Compliance
Safeguarding Features$
Help & Support$$

All information current as of March 2022. Spond makes all reasonable efforts to use reliable and comprehensive information, but we make no guarantee that it is accurate or complete. Spond is not responsible for the information contained in any referred third-party website nor do we guarantee their accuracy and completeness. Trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners

$ = Premium/paid feature


Are you an ideal Spond user?

The experience of members and players is your number 1 priority.

Why pay for an app if a great free solution is on offer?

An intuitive user interface and feature-led app will be popular with your members.

The best apps will listen to your needs and offer you support.

You want an app that can grow alongside your club.


What Spond users have to say about the app:

What do you like best?

Spond gives our club a one-stop system to manage our membership and events/activities. The ever-growing features also mean they as a company seem to be listening to us users.

What do you dislike?

Not much for me to dislike as this is a free to use product, which makes me wonder why more people don’t use Spond.

Recommendations to others considering the product?

If you are managing a large sports club and need a solution to resolve communication, payments and membership then this product is the one for you.

What problems are you solving with the product?

Communication is made more accessible if I need to contact a parent or helper. I can go onto the app and message them directly.

Spond is the top-rated alternative to TeamSnap and SportsEngine

“This is my go-to app from now on”

“Spond is super convenient”

“Spond allows us to manage all aspects of the club”

Spond is great value because it’s free, and there’s no ads either

Spond is free to use

Data and safeguarding at the core of Spond

Spond’s support team are here to help

Spond is all about simplicity


If you are a large club with multiple teams, the Spond Club platform lets you manage memberships, communications and data all in one place, saving you seven hours every week.


  • ¿Mis datos están seguros en Spond?

    Sí, lo están. Spond cumple con el RGPD y, tal y  como se recoge en nuestra política de privacidad, nosotros solo compartimos tu información personal con otros en caso de ser necesario para acceder a un servicio o en caso de estar obligados a compartirlos por ley, regulación o proceso legal.

  • ¿Cómo me hago miembro de un grupo?

    Un administrador de grupo puede invitarte usando tu información de contacto o compartiéndote el link/código de grupo. El proceso es ligeramente diferente dependiendo de cual sea el caso.

    No he recibido un código de grupo:

    1. Descarga la App de Spond desde App Store o Play Store (¡Es gratis!).
    2. Regístrate y crea un perfil en la app.
    3. En la pestaña de “Grupos”, acepta la invitación del grupo.

    He recibido un código de grupo:

    1. Descarga la App de Spond desde App Store o Play Store (¡Es gratis!).
    2. Regístrate y crea un perfil en la app.
    3. En la pestaña de “Grupos”, clica en “Introducir código”, cerca de la esquina inferior derecha, y sigue las instrucciones.
  • ¿Cómo empiezo como administrador y cómo creo un grupo?
    1. Crea un perfil en Spond – ¡Pruébalo! Es gratis.
    2. Ve a tu perfil, clica en ‘Grupos’ y después en ‘Crea un grupo’.
    3. Escribe el nombre de grupo y opcionalmente crea subgrupos.
    4. Especifica la actividad (fútbol, música, rugby, etc.) y el grupo de edad de los participantes de tu grupo (menores, adultos o mixto).
    5. Crea la descripción que se les mostrará a los nuevos miembros cuando sean invitados al grupo.
    6. Clica en ‘Crear grupo’ para terminar con la configuración.
    7. Edita la configuración para modificar los apartados personalizados para los miembros o los roles de administración.
    8. Invita a los miembros. Lee más.
  • ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre la App de Spond y Spond Club?

    Spond ofrece dos plataformas integradas: la App de Spond (para grupos y equipos) y Spond Club: un sistema completo y gratuito de gestión de miembros, incluyendo sistemas de comunicación y pago.

    La App de Spond sería usada por un admin de grupo (entrenadores, managers de equipo, etc.), tutores legales y mimebros, mientras que Spond Club lo usarían los gestores de clubes.

  • ¿Usar Spond tiene algún coste?

    ¡Descargar y usar Spond es gratis! El único coste será la tasa de transacción, en caso que decidas cobrar dinero a través de Spond. No hay tasas escondidas.

  • ¿Para quién es Spond?

    Spond es para cualquier persona que esté organizando actividades para otros. Puede ser un entrenador de fútbol, director de coro, profesor de música o nadador. ¡Spond hace que juntos seamos mejores!

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