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A head coach wears many hats. Between planning and implementing engaging practice activities, helping each player hone in on their strengths, and assisting them in their progress throughout their tenure in soccer, to overseeing the additional coaching staff, coaches shoulder a lot of responsibility.

Adrian Cannimore, better known as Coach AJ, is no stranger to the mounting responsibilities that come with coaching. As the head coach for the Ancient City Soccer Club, based in St. Augustine, Florida, Coach AJ spends the majority of his time working with his athletes to ensure they’re performing at their best. The task of communicating out to all the parents and players involved in his program requires additional time and effort, taking away from the time he would like to dedicate to the growth of his players.

6 months ago, Coach AJ began looking for a way to juggle the tasks that come with the title of head coach, while communicating with his players and their parents. Enter Spond.

“Spond has been a blessing for our team.,” commented Coach AJ, stating that he uses the app for a wide variety of tasks including scheduling games, practices, and additional activities associated with the club. Coach AJ knew as soon as he began working in the app, that its benefits would help him streamline communication to his team and free up time for him to focus on the thing he’s truly passionate about, developing his players.

Not only does Coach AJ use Spond to communicate with the players on his team, he recently integrated the app into the company he works for. “I stumbled across Spond while I was searching for a way to communicate with my players and parents/guardians. I loved it so much that now I use it within the company I work for to schedule meetings and communicate activities to my coworkers.”

Spond removes the stress and hassle of hours spent on administration work, and allows coaches to spend more time doing what they love, coaching! 

Whether it’s on the field or in the office, get back to doing what you love! Click here to start your journey with Spond today!