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American Football Team App

Over 30,000 unique users are associated with American football activity in Spond

Common obstacles football admins face and how Spond helps solve them:

Unforeseen changes to scheduling and events

Communication in Spond makes it possible to update all parties involved quickly 

A multiplex tool

Whether you or your members want to use Spond through a phone, a pad or computer, all is possible and available.

Foreseeability at the start of the season

In Spond, you are able to plan and set up all the training invites whenever you like, so they are all scheduled to go out at a given time. This lets you avoid doing repetitive work throughout the course of the year.

Spond phone Device

Import and schedule your football fixtures with ease

Spond will automatically send out the invitations for you. You can easily edit, add or cancel future football fixtures, and manage time frames for invitations to be sent out.

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 “In other apps that we used in previous years, people often got overly chatty which turned people off. With Spond, it keeps it straight to the point, e.g. we have a game this week, here’s the information you need to know, and we just go from there.”

Kierre Nicholson | Captain, Austin Raiders

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  • How does Spond address the challenges of scheduling and event changes for American football teams?

    Spond streamlines communication for American football teams, making it easy to update all parties involved with any unforeseen changes to scheduling and events quickly. With over 30,000 users involved in American football, Spond ensures that information is disseminated efficiently, keeping everyone informed and ready to adapt to changes.

  • How does Spond ensure GDPR-compliant communication within American football teams?

    Spond prioritizes secure and compliant communication, adhering to GDPR regulations. This ensures that all team communications about strategies, schedules, and updates are protected, allowing coaches and administrators to focus on team development without privacy concerns.

  • How does Spond improve the organization and predictability at the beginning of the American football season?

    Spond enables coaches to plan and set up all training invites and football fixtures in advance, scheduling them to go out at specific times. This feature prevents the need for repetitive work throughout the year, allowing for a more strategic and efficient approach to season planning.

  • What features does Spond offer for managing American football fixtures?

    Spond provides comprehensive tools for managing American football fixtures with ease. The app automates the process of sending out invitations, giving team administrators the ability to easily edit, add, or cancel future fixtures and manage the timing for when invitations are sent out. This streamlined approach helps teams maintain an organized and efficient schedule.

  • What are the main benefits of using Spond for American football team management?

    The main benefits of using Spond for American football team management include efficient communication, flexible access across multiple devices, and the ability to plan and foresee the season’s schedule effectively. Additionally, Spond’s focus on keeping communication straight to the point, as highlighted by Kierre Nicholson, captain of the Austin Raiders, ensures that team members remain engaged without the clutter of unnecessary chatter. This functionality makes Spond an invaluable tool for teams looking to enhance their organizational efficiency and team cohesion.

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