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Over 70,000 unique users are affiliated with gymnastics activity in Spond

Common obstacles gymnastics admins face and how Spond helps solve them:

Coordinate gymnastics practice sessions and routines

Managing a gymnastics team involves coordination of practice sessions, routines, and events. Spond makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop. You can directly message your members in the app, share training schedules, provide routine guides, and even share images or videos of perfect form.

Track availability for gymnastics meets and events

Gymnastics events often require months of preparation and planning. With Spond, you can send out invites, monitor RSVPs in real time, and even create a waiting list if the number of available places is surpassed.

Ensure GDPR-Compliant communications and messaging

Spond is designed with these secure and traceable communications in mind, offering GDPR-compliance built-in. Send messages, share information, and discuss plans within the app, so you can keep the focus on perfecting those routines.


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Import and schedule your gymnastics sessions with ease

Spond will automatically send out the invitations to your gymnastics group. You can easily edit, add or cancel future events, or change the time frame for how long in advance the invitations are sent out.

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  • “I was able to make a poll to see what the girls’ goals were for the season, and from that see how I can plan and optimize the season schedule so that we can continue to grow as a team!”

    Erick Denihan | Senior High School Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

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    • How does Spond streamline gymnastics team management?

      Spond streamlines the management of gymnastics teams, with over 70,000 users affiliated with gymnastics activity, by facilitating seamless coordination of practice sessions, routines, and events. The app allows coaches to directly message members, share training schedules, provide guides for routines, and share media showcasing perfect gymnastics form, ensuring all team members are well-informed and engaged.

    • Can Spond help in organising gymnastics meets and events?

      Yes, Spond significantly aids in the organisation of gymnastics meets and events. It offers features to send out invitations, monitor real-time RSVPs, and manage waiting lists for events with limited availability. This ensures meticulous planning and preparation for events, contributing to the success and smooth execution of gymnastics meets.

    • How does Spond ensure GDPR-compliant communication within gymnastics teams?

      Spond prioritises secure and GDPR-compliant communication, making it a trustworthy platform for gymnastics teams to exchange messages, share important information, and discuss plans. This focus on GDPR compliance ensures that all communications within the app are secure, allowing coaches and admins to concentrate on enhancing team performance without worrying about data privacy concerns.

    • What features does Spond offer for scheduling gymnastics sessions?

      Spond offers comprehensive features for effortlessly scheduling gymnastics sessions and events. The app automates the process of sending out invitations, giving coaches the flexibility to edit, add, or cancel future events and adjust the timeline for sending out invitations. This streamlined approach to scheduling helps gymnastics groups maintain an organised and efficient calendar.

    • What are the advantages of using Spond for gymnastics team management?

      The advantages of using Spond for gymnastics team management include enhanced communication, efficient event organisation, and secure, GDPR-compliant messaging. Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy interaction among team members and organisers, promoting a more cohesive and motivated gymnastics community. Additionally, Spond’s ability to gather input through polls, as highlighted by Erick Denihan, a senior high school varsity girls soccer coach, illustrates its versatility in planning and optimising season schedules to support team growth and development.

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