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The Difference Between Spond App and Spond Club: Features and Benefits


In the digital era, efficient team management and club organisation is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Among the myriad of apps available, Spond has distinguished itself by offering two separate but integrated solutions to cater to specific needs: Spond App and Spond Club. But what’s the difference between them? Let’s dive into the details.

Spond App: A Hub for Groups and Teams

The Spond App is designed primarily for group administrators such as coaches and team managers, guardians, and members. Here’s what you can expect:

Key Features of the Spond App:

  • Group Setup: Once your profile is up, easily create and manage your group.
  • Events: Whether it’s a match or a practice session, seamlessly organise events and manage participation.
  • Invites & Reminders: With the capability to invite up to 500 members both through the app and on the web, ensuring attendance becomes effortless.
  • File Storage: Safely store and upload essential club documents using the dedicated storage space.
  • Messaging: Communication becomes streamlined, with a central messaging tool for all group-related discussions.
  • Payments: Conveniently collect payments for matches, classes, or any club-related activities.


  • Automated notifications mean the end of chasing down players or parents.
  • Full control over event scheduling provides immense flexibility.
  • Enhanced member availability planning and hassle-free payments contribute to an efficient club management experience.

Feedback from users, like George Wright from Harpenden Cricket Club, emphasises the app’s effectiveness, especially when compared to other alternatives in the market.

Spond Club: The Ultimate Club Management Solution

Spond Club is a solution tailored for club administrators. Think of it as the robust “backend” system supporting your club, where membership management, payment processing, and comprehensive administrative tasks are done.

Key Features of Spond Club:

  • Permissions & Settings: Grant distinct permissions to club and group admins, create member types, and set up organisational parameters.
  • Import Groups & Members: Seamlessly import existing Spond groups or new members via an Excel template.
  • Signup Form Creation: Customise and embed signup forms on your website for easy new member registration.
  • Club Admin Addition: Incorporate more admins and assign roles and permissions based on club requirements.
  • Club Account Management: Organise multiple club accounts and determine payout frequencies.
  • Payment Requests: Efficiently set up payment processes, offer discounts, and accommodate individual payment preferences.
  • Course Registration: Offer more to your members through various course types, payment options, and easy registration management.
  • Fundraising Campaigns: Launch and manage fundraising campaigns with ease.


  • A centralised, web-based platform to manage multiple groups and teams, cutting down administrative time and hassle.
  • An intuitive interface makes the transition smooth, even for those not familiar with Spond.
  • Comprehensive tools ensure every administrative need, from member registration to fundraising, is addressed efficiently.


While both the Spond App and Spond Club fall under the Spond ecosystem, they cater to distinct needs. The Spond app is your go-to for group activities, communication, and event management. On the other hand, Spond Club is the comprehensive solution for club administrators looking to simplify and streamline club operations.

No matter what your role – be it a coach, a team manager, or a club administrator – Spond offers the tools to ensure smooth operations, leaving you more time to focus on the game and less on the admin.


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