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Bringing people together in your organisation

Managing your organisation’s activities and people, can get challenging, but we want to make it easier for you.

Know what’s going on

Spond is made for sharing and for having your messages and posts organised in one place. With all the noise from your other apps, we want to help you easily keep in touch with your group.

Make it just for you

You can choose how to be notified: have one-time or recurrent events, delegate responsibilities, and have all this information displayed neatly and accessible to everyone. Who likes to look for information by scrolling in endless chats anyways? 

Yes, we are for everyone!

Spond started as a youth sports app, but it soon grew to be much more than that. From stag dos and band practices, to book groups to chess clubs – people worldwide use Spond to make social events easier to manage. The Spond team always wants to treasure this, and share new user stories in the blog. You could be our next story!

Features that will save you hours of your valuable time

Spond phone Device

Manage multiple year or age groups

Set up groups individually in Spond to reflect their role within your organisation, whether it’s dividing juniors and seniors or individual year groups.

Managing Groups Managing Groups
Spond phone Device

Club funding made simple

Raise money for anything, from subsidising school trips, to new kits, ground improvements or transport to away matches or events.

Fundraising in Spond Fundraising in Spond


  • How do I get started as an admin and create a group?
    1. Create a Spond profile – Try it! It’s FREE
    2. Go to your profile and click on ‘Groups’ followed by ‘Create group’
    3. Enter a group name and optionally create subgroups
    4. Specify the activity (football, choir, boating, etc.) and age group (children, adults or mixed) of your group.
    5. Create a group description which will be presented to new members when they are invited
    6. Click ‘Create group’ to finish setting up the group
    7. Edit group settings such as custom member fields or admin roles
    8. Invite members. Read more.
  • What is the difference between the Spond app and Spond Club?

    Spond offers two integrated platforms: The Spond app (for groups and teams) & Spond Club: A complete & free membership management system, including communication & payment.

    The Spond app would be used by group admin (coaches, team managers etc.), guardians and members while Spond Club is used by the club admins.

  • Do I need to use the app to use Spond?

    No, once the invitation is sent out we encourage users to download the app but you can also keep receiving notifications by email if you don’t download the app. The initial group invite can be sent as an SMS but there is only a limited number of SMS per user so we do recommend registering with an email to continue receiving notifications.

  • Is my data secure using Spond?

    Yes, they are. Spond is completely GDPR-compliant and as stated in our privacy policy we only share your personal information with others if it is necessary to perform the service or we should be bound to such sharing by law, regulation or legal process.

  • Does Spond cost money?

    Spond is free to download and use! The only cost is if you chose to collect money through Spond, then there will be a transaction fee. There are no hidden fees.

  • What are the main benefits of using Spond?

    The benefits of using Spond include being able to create custom events for practices, games or other team activities, to share information, files, photos and polls with your team. Our group administrators report that Spond saves them, on average, 2.2 hours of administrative work each week.

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