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Over 10,000 unique users are associated with pickleball activity in Spond

Common obstacles pickleball admins face and how Spond helps solve them:

Organize pickleball practice sessions and exercises

Overseeing a pickleball team involves organizing practice sessions, exercises, and matches. Spond simplifies communication by allowing you to directly contact your team members in the app, distribute practice schedules, offer exercise descriptions, and even share videos or images of exemplary strokes and strategies.

Manage availability for pickleball matches and events

Pickleball tournaments and matches demand meticulous planning and coordination. With Spond, you can distribute invites, oversee real-time RSVPs, and even establish a waitlist if the number of open slots is surpassed.

Maintain compliant communications and messaging

Spond emphasizes secure and auditable communication, ensuring adherence to regulations like GDPR. Send messages, disseminate information, and discuss strategies within the app, enabling you to concentrate on perfecting your game on the court.


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Import and schedule your pickleball matches and training with ease

Spond will automatically send out the invitations to your pickleball team for you. You can easily edit, add or cancel future events, or change the time frame for how long in advance the invitations are sent out.

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  • “I was able to make a poll to see what the girls’ goals were for the season, and from that see how I can plan and optimize the season schedule so that we can continue to grow as a team!”

    Erick Denihan | Senior High School Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

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    • How does Spond streamline the organization of pickleball practice sessions and exercises?

      Spond simplifies the management of pickleball teams by enabling coaches to directly communicate with team members within the app. This feature is crucial for distributing practice schedules, providing descriptions of exercises, and sharing videos or images that demonstrate exemplary strokes and strategies. With over 10,000 users engaged in pickleball activities, Spond ensures that all team members have access to the resources they need to improve their game.

    • Can Spond assist in managing attendance for pickleball matches and events?

      Yes, Spond significantly aids in the planning and coordination of pickleball tournaments and matches. It allows for the distribution of invitations and the oversight of real-time RSVPs. Furthermore, Spond can manage a waitlist for events that exceed the available spots, ensuring that as many participants as possible can join the matches and tournaments.

    • How does Spond ensure GDPR-compliant communication within pickleball teams?

      Spond prioritizes secure and auditable communication, making it a reliable platform for pickleball teams to exchange messages, share information, and discuss strategies. By ensuring adherence to GDPR regulations, Spond allows coaches and team admins to focus on enhancing team performance and game strategies without concerns over data privacy.

    • What features does Spond offer for scheduling pickleball matches and training sessions?

      Spond provides comprehensive tools for effortlessly scheduling pickleball matches and training sessions. The app automates the process of sending out invitations, enabling team admins to easily edit, add, or cancel future events and adjust the timing for when invitations are sent out. This streamlined approach to scheduling helps pickleball teams maintain an organized and efficient program.

    • What are the main benefits of using Spond for pickleball team management?

      The main benefits of using Spond for pickleball team management include improved communication, efficient event organization, and secure, GDPR-compliant messaging. Its user-friendly interface promotes easy engagement among team members, fostering a cohesive and competitive pickleball community. Additionally, Spond’s ability to simplify the organizational process, from managing training schedules to facilitating match preparations, makes it an invaluable tool for pickleball teams aiming to enhance their management practices and achieve greater success on the court.

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