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Bangor Hockey Club Champions Digital Innovation with Spond


How Spond’s Hockey Team App Transformed Northern Irish Club

A Century of Sporting Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Northern Ireland, Bangor Hockey Club boasts a rich heritage that has flourished over the past century. With a robust membership of over 800 hockey enthusiasts, the Irish National League club prides itself on offering a comprehensive programme for that includes social hockey for both its adult and youth players. 

Embracing the Digital Age

The onset of the global pandemic posed unprecedented challenges, compelling Bangor Hockey Club to seek innovative solutions for member management and engagement. In August 2020, the club turned to Spond, a platform designed to serve as a hockey team app,  streamlining the organisational aspects of the club, and marking a pivotal shift towards digital efficiency.

The Power of Courses and Academies

Through Spond Club’s Courses and Academies feature, Bangor Hockey Club has significantly enhanced its training and development programmes, particularly for its burgeoning youth section. This tool has enabled the club to manage its diverse offerings with ease, ensuring that players of all ages have access to structured growth opportunities in the sport.

A Coach’s Perspective

Spond’s Courses and Academies feature has fundamentally changed how we run our youth programmes at Bangor Hockey Club. Nick Scott, Club Treasurer, said: “Spond lets us tailor our training camps and event to our players’ needs, collecting payments, streamlining administration and improving communication with players and parents alike. This focus on development and community has significantly enhanced our training quality and cohesion within the club, making Spond invaluable to our operations.”

Streamlining Operations

The adoption of Spond Club and the Spond app for all admin tasks has led to substantial time savings for the club, estimated at around 10 hours per week. This efficiency gain is particularly notable in the realms of membership management and match organisation, areas critical to the club’s operational success.

Enhancing Community Engagement

One of the most valued aspects of Spond among coaches and members is its ability to facilitate clear and immediate communication. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows for the swift arrangement of teams for matches and training sessions, with the availability feature making life simpler for coaches.

Looking to the Future

As Bangor Hockey Club continues to navigate the future of community sports with the help of  Spond’s hockey team app, its partnership with Spond underscores a commitment to embracing technology in fostering an inclusive, engaging, and high-performing sporting environment. This approach not only enriches the experience for current members but also sets a forward-thinking precedent for grassroots sports clubs elsewhere.

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  • What is Spond, and how does it benefit my hockey team?

    Spond is a comprehensive hockey team app and hockey club management solution, designed to streamline the organisational and communication aspects of managing a sports team. It benefits your hockey club by simplifying scheduling, communication, membership management, and payment collection, enabling coaches and players to focus more on the game and less on administrative tasks.

  • How does Spond enhance training and development programs for youth players?

    Spond’s Courses and Academies feature offers an innovative solution for managing training and development programmes. It allows clubs like Bangor Hockey Club to easily organise, schedule, and communicate details about training sessions and events tailored to youth players’ needs, ensuring accessible and structured growth opportunities in hockey.

  • Can Spond help with the administrative tasks of running a hockey club?

    Absolutely. Spond significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, with clubs reporting savings of around 10 hours per week. This includes streamlined membership management, easier match organisation, and efficient communication, making it an indispensable tool for any hockey club looking to improve its operational efficiency.

  • Is Spond suitable for managing large hockey clubs with hundreds of members?

    Yes, Spond is perfectly suited for managing large hockey clubs, such as Bangor Hockey Club with over 800 members. Its scalable platform can accommodate clubs of any size, facilitating easy communication, scheduling, and membership management, regardless of the club’s size.

  • How does Spond foster community engagement within a hockey club?

    Spond fosters community engagement by providing a user-friendly platform for clear and immediate communication between coaches, players, and parents. Its features like team arrangement and availability checks simplify life for everyone involved, enhancing the sense of community and belonging within the club.