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Courses and Academies in Spond Club


Are you tired of having to scramble through different platforms to effectively manage courses and academies? With Spond Club’s innovative feature, managing registrations for camps and academies has never been simpler or more streamlined. We understand the needs of your group and have designed our features to offer you comprehensive, seamless management solutions.

Course and Academies made simple

  • Process payments effortlessly: Offering a variety of pricing options, including the flexibility of recurring subscriptions, Spond ensures smooth payment processing. Whether you’re issuing a refund or collecting fees, you can do it all here.
  • Real-time insights at your fingertips: Stay in the know with the ability to monitor signups and cancellations as they happen, or if you prefer a consolidated view, opt for the daily email summaries.
  • Customisation with bespoke fields: We understand that not all requirements fit a set template. With our bespoke fields, you can capture specific data, whether it’s health concerns, dietary requirements, or anything else specific to your camp or academy.
  • Inclusive for every enthusiast: No more excluding interested participants due to membership constraints. Our platform is inclusive, allowing both members and non-members to register, ensuring no one misses out.
  • Seamless communication: The beauty of Spond lies in its integration. Our course registrations feature seamlessly connects with other Spond products. Whether you’re sending out notifications, updates, or other communication, participants can be informed via both email and the app.
  • Intuitive product set-up: Our flexible setup options cater to every need. Whether you’re defining courses based on days, highlighting price variations, or adding optional services like early drop-offs or meal plans, Spond Club’s intuitive interface makes it a breeze.

From making payments to staying connected with participants, every detail has been carefully thought out and integrated into our platform. With Spond Club, setting up and managing courses and academies become a task you can truly look forward to. Join us and experience the change for yourself!


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