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How to Manage Your Events with Spond App and Spond Club


It's simple to set up and manage events with Spond

When it comes to sports team management, one of the most crucial aspects is event management. This can include everything from scheduling practices, matches, and tournaments, to managing participant lists and attendance, and handling event-specific communication. The Spond App and Spond Club are designed to simplify this process, offering an array of features that make event management for sports teams efficient and hassle-free.

Spond App: Revolutionising Event Management

With the Spond App, managing sports events becomes a streamlined process. The event organiser app is packed with features that are specifically designed to assist in the efficient management of sports events.

Plan Ahead

Spond lets you set meet-up times within your event settings to congregate before your event starts. This feature allows for seamless coordination of all participants, ensuring everyone is aware of when they need to arrive and where they need to meet.

Auto Accept

With Spond, you can choose whether participants of an event will be automatically attending or if they need to confirm each time. This flexibility makes it easy to manage attendance based on the nature of the event and the preferences of the participants.

Waiting Lists

Once the maximum number of participants is reached for an event, the next people to sign up are placed on a waiting list. If a space becomes vacant, the first person on the waiting list receives a notification. This feature ensures that every available spot is filled and no opportunity to participate is missed.

Custom Events

Spond offers the flexibility of different event types; you can create single events, repeating events, season planners, and time poll events. This variety allows for thorough and tailored planning, accommodating the needs of different sports, seasons, and team structures​.

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Spond Club: Enhancing Event Planning

In addition to the features offered by Spond, Spond Club provides a platform for planning and scheduling events in a more comprehensive way.

Time Saving

Creating an event and inviting participants on Spond Club can be done in just a few seconds. This time-saving feature allows team managers and coaches to focus more on the team and less on administrative tasks.

Event Information

Spond Club allows you to attach all relevant info attendees require, including info and documents for parents or guardians. This feature ensures that all necessary information is readily available and easily accessible.

Manage Groups

With Spond Club, you can invite attendees to events, log responses across groups, and monitor group attendance. This comprehensive group management feature aids in tracking participation and engagement across multiple events and groups.

Bespoke Messaging

Spond Club allows for targeted communication, enabling you to message confirmed attendees, invitees or non-attendees directly from the platform. This makes communication more efficient and ensures that the right information reaches the right people at the right time​.

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The event features of the Spond App and Spond Club are designed to make event management as straightforward and efficient as possible. By leveraging these tools, sports team admins and coaches can create a more organised, inclusive, and engaging experience for all participants.