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Cheltenham's FC Lakeside U8s Net £500 in Spond Superdraw Fundraiser


Teamwork Beyond the Pitch: How FC Lakeside U8s United a Community with Spond Superdraw

Cheltenham-based football team FC Lakeside U8s has scored a significant win off the pitch, raising more than £500 with a successful Spond Superdraw campaign. Spearheaded by team admin Kate Greene, Spond’s user-friendly fundraising tool has enabled the purchase of new tracksuit tops for the team, having gained an enthusiastic response from players, parents, and supporters.

“The Spond Superdraw campaign was a revelation,” shared Kate. “We found the setup process incredibly straightforward, and I was amazed at how easy it was to sell entries. The app made the whole experience feel personal, yet professional. It took away any concerns about the complexities of organising a fundraising campaign.”

Spond Superdraw is simple to set up

Parents and guardians played a key role, helping to sell entries through their children’s fundraising pages. The kids also got involved, competing to see who could sell the most entries. This competition was fun for all and helped the team reach its fundraising goal.

The money raised was used to purchase new tracksuit tops for the team. This tangible result of their efforts boosted team spirit and unity. The entire experience, from setting up the campaign to reaping its rewards, was hugely positive and brought the team closer together. It also generated positive feedback from parents, supporters, and the players themselves.

More Superdraw campaigns planned

Given their positive experience, FC Lakeside U8s plan to use Spond’s fundraising tools for more fundraising campaigns in the future. As Kate observed, the excitement of the kids during the campaign made it all worthwhile. She believes they’ve found an easy and engaging way to raise funds and plans to run more campaigns.

The FC Lakeside U8s’ experience shows how digital fundraising tools in Spond can help with effective fundraising. It also shows how other teams and and groups can use Spond for their fundraising needs.

Find out more about fundraising in Spond or visit the Help Center.