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Halloween Superdraw Campaign Proves Fang-tastic for FC Pontefract 


Successful Halloween Superdraw Campaign

In a remarkable display of community engagement and fundraising prowess, FC Pontefract has set the bar high in the Spond Halloween Superdraw. The club sold entries worth over £4,000, standing out as the biggest fundraiser of any Superdraw campaign.

The popular local football club’s ambition transcended the typical expectations of grassroots football  fundraising. With the goal of sending their teams to a prestigious ‘play on the pitch’ experience at Leeds United’s Elland Road, the club’s members and supporters rallied behind a common cause.

The club’s proactive approach involved registering all teams for the tournament. Each team was then awarded £100 to get them started, and tasked with fundraising the remaining £560 to take part in the experience. This unique opportunity that includes a tour of the stadium’s facilities, the thrill of walking out the tunnel, and playing on the hallowed pitch itself.

An ‘Unforgettable Experience’ at Elland Road

Laura Brook, club secretary at FC Pontefract, expressed her enthusiasm for the club’s efforts. She emphasised the importance of the children raising some of the funds themselves: “We’ve seen the community come together to support our young players in a way that truly embodies the spirit of our club. Every entry sold took us one step closer to providing an unforgettable experience for the kids at Elland Road.”

The initiative saw widespread participation from all club members, but one name stood out. Matilda Stenton, from the U11 girls’ team, emerged as the nation’s top seller across all Halloween Superdraw campaigns. She managed to pushing her team past the fundraising finish line. She also won a £100 gift card from Spond for her efforts.

Superdraw Campaign Supported Local Youth Sports

The success of the Superdraw was about more than just hitting targets. It was a testament to the community’s unwavering support for local youth sports, even in the face of global challenges that have strained many grassroots organisations.

FC Pontefract’s spook-tacular success in the Halloween Superdraw wasn’t just down to luck. It was the result of meticulous planning, the infectious enthusiasm of its members, and the unifying force of football within the community. The club has nove only secured their place at Elland Road, but also reinforced the strength and spirit of their teams — values that are sure to resonate on and off the pitch.

With such a triumph in its Superdraw campaign, FC Pontefract has set a formidable example. It shows how sports clubs can leverage community-led initiatives to achieve their dreams. The Halloween Superdraw has proven to be a cauldron of opportunity, and this local football club has certainly cast a spell of success.


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