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Fiona Wins £1K Supporting Sports Fundraising with Easter Superdraw


A Lucky Break

Fiona Collins from Ampthill, Bedfordshire, struck gold by winning the £1,000 first prize in Spond’s Easter Superdraw. Having never won anything serious before, the 46-year-old expressed her astonishment at the lucky win: “I’ve never really won anything this big before, so it’s quite a surprise—definitely a pleasant one!” said Fiona.

A Commitment to Sports Fundraising

Fiona’s entry in the Superdraw was motivated by more than just the lure of a prize; it was an act of support for Queensmen Youth FC, where her close friend’s son, Jesse Jones, plays. This local football club, run by volunteers, has recently suffered from vandalism and theft, heightening its need for community support. In response to her win, Fiona announced her plan to make a generous contribution to the club. “These clubs do so much for children and young footballers like Jesse,” she remarked, highlighting the essential role of sports fundraising in sustaining community-based sports clubs and teams.

Giving Back to the Community

While she hasn’t yet decided how to spend the rest of her winnings, Fiona’s decision to donate a portion of her prize underscores the significance of sports fundraising in strengthening local clubs like Queensmen Youth FC, enabling them to continue their valuable work with young players.

Fiona’s generous response to her unexpected win shines a spotlight on the vital impact of sports fundraising, not just for maintaining grassroots teams, but also for overcoming challenges faced by community sports organisations.

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