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Introducing the Instalment Payments Feature in Spond Club


The Time-Saving Instalment Payments Feature You Asked For

In the ongoing quest to simplify club management, we’ve added a new feature to Spond Club; the Instalment Payments option. Always responsive to our users’ needs, this new feature aims to take even more of the hard work out of teamwork, making payment collection a breeze for grassroots club admins.

The Instalment Payments Feature: Simplifying Financial Management

While club admins have always been able to create manual monthly payment requests, our new Instalment Payments feature in Spond Club takes it a step further. Now, payment requests can be created just once and then automatically collected month after month. This process does away with the need to remember payment due dates or chase members for payments, freeing up your time to focus on fostering team spirit and managing your club. This feature is not only a response to the needs of our users, but also a demonstration of Spond’s commitment to ease and efficiency.

Enhancing Participation through Payment Flexibility

At Spond, we understand that flexible payment options can significantly boost participation rates. By allowing members and children to spread out payments over a longer period, the financial burden is eased, promoting greater involvement in club activities. This feature helps to build a more inclusive environment, ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to participate, regardless of their financial situation.

Advanced Tracking and Reporting for Instalment Payments

The Instalment Payments feature provides live reporting of payment statuses, keeping you updated at all times. This real-time visibility into payments gives you more control over your club’s financial health. With built-in notifications, you are promptly alerted of any failed card charges or outstanding payments, allowing you to take immediate action.

From tracking individual payments to generating comprehensive financial reports and reconciliation, everything you need to stay on top of your club’s finances is right at your fingertips. This feature reduces the stress and time associated with financial management, allowing you to focus on fostering a vibrant and successful club.

Exploring the Payment Options

Three distinct payment options are available: One-Time Payment, Installment Payment, and Flexible Payment.

  • One-Time Payment: This is a straightforward, one-off payment request.
  • Installment Payment: This option allows club members to be automatically charged every month, for a duration determined by the club admin. For instance, a payment request of £100 with four instalments would result in members being charged £25 for four months.
  • Flexible Payment: With this, members have the freedom to decide whether they’d like to pay all at once or split it into automatic monthly payments, as per the instalments set by the admin.

An Aid in Tough Times

While the primary focus of the Instalment Payments feature is on convenience and time-saving for Spond Club admins, it also serves as a supportive tool for those navigating through tough financial times, such as the ongoing cost of living crisis. By offering the option to split payments, you can help alleviate financial strain and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in community clubs.

Final Thoughts

In line with our mission of taking the hard work out of teamwork, the Instalment Payments feature is another step towards making club management simpler and more efficient. By saving time and adding convenience, we believe this feature will become an invaluable tool for grassroots club admins.

We look forward to seeing the impact of this new feature and will continue to respond to the needs of our Spond Club community. The Spond Help Center is always there to guide you.

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