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The Power of Invites and Reminders in the Spond App


Spond sends out invites and reminders, so you don't have to.

Efficient team management is pivotal to the success of any group activity, be it sports, educational courses, or community events. The Spond app simplifies this process with its intuitive Invites and Reminders feature, allowing admins to manage members effectively and ensure seamless communication within the group.

Customising Invites

Sending invitations to events or group activities has never been more straightforward. With the Spond app, you can create custom member fields consisting of text, numbers, or dates, such as a player’s position or shirt number. This customization allows you to personalize the invites before sending them out to your group members.

If you want to invite people who are not yet members of your group, the Spond app offers an alternative: sharing the group link. This link can be easily found under the “Members” tab, allowing you to expand your group without any hassle.

Streamlined Reminders

Keeping track of responses to event invitations can be a daunting task. However, the Spond app takes care of this with its automatic reminders. If participants have not responded 48 hours after the invite was sent or 48 hours before the event starts, the app sends them a reminder. The reminder can take the form of a push notification, SMS, or email, depending on the user’s preference and whether they have downloaded the app.

Invites That Suit Your Style

The Spond app ensures that event invitations look appealing and are easy to understand, regardless of the device receiving them. The appearance of the invitation varies, whether it is sent to a phone number (SMS), email, or directly in the app as a push notification.

Everyone within the group will receive a push notification when you send out an invitation from the Spond app, provided they are invited and have not turned off push notifications for Spond in their phone settings or within the app itself. Those registered only with SMS will receive an SMS, and those registered with email will receive an email with the event invite. It is important to note that those who have not yet accepted the group invite will receive a reminder and need to accept the group invite before they can respond to the event.

Invites and Reminders for All

One of the most significant advantages of using the Spond app for your group activities is its inclusivity. Whether you are an admin in the app or on the web, you can invite members, with space for up to 500 members in one main group. Moreover, if an event involves members and their guardians, you can invite both to the same event by selecting both tabs.

Easy Course Sign-ups

The Invites and Reminders feature also extends to the courses offered in the Spond app. When you receive the link to an event registration form or select a course from the list of the club’s courses, you can see all available products. Once you select an activity, you can log in with your Spond profile and see all club members for whom you are responsible. It’s also possible to sign up without a Spond profile, if permitted by the event organizer. All registrations are verified via a one-time password sent to the non-member’s email address. If the course has a fee, payment is made by card using Stripe, ensuring a secure transaction.

In conclusion, the Invites and Reminders feature of the Spond app is a powerful tool for managing group activities effectively and efficiently. It ensures seamless communication, helps keep track of responses, and simplifies the process of inviting members to events or courses. So, whether you’re organising a sports tournament, a community event, or a course, the Spond app has got you covered. Embrace the power of Spond today, and take your group management to the next level!


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