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KSQ FC Nets £4,500 with Spond's Spot the Ball Fundraiser 🇬🇧


In an impressive display of community engagement, Kirkliston and South Queensferry Football Club (KSQ FC) recently celebrated its 30th anniversary by raising a record-breaking £4,500 with a Spond Spot the Ball fundraiser. This sum is just a portion of a broader effort that raised almost £15,000 in total for the club.

KSQ FC is home to over 1,000 members and 851 players, ranging in age from 4 to 70. The club has always been at the forefront of supporting its community. With the rising cost of living presenting challenges for many, the club recognised an urgent need to ramp up its fundraising efforts, especially to support less privileged young players.

Digital Spot the Ball Fundraiser: A New Era of Kind Football Clubs

Darren McGinnis, Club Secretary of KSQ FC, said, “When we stumbled upon the Spot the Ball fundraising platform on the Spond app, it was a eureka moment for us. The idea resonated with our ethos of community engagement. The setup was incredibly straightforward, taking just minutes. But what really stood out was the excitement it generated amongst our members and players.”

To keep the momentum alive, the club executed eight different Spot the Ball campaigns, each raising money for a different team. The anticipation of higher prize money coupled with a unique incentive – topping up the team funding of the highest fundraiser – meant that entries poured in.

Beyond Traditional Grassroots Fundraising Methods

It wasn’t just about the money. Compared to traditional fundraising methods like bag packs and car washes, the Spot the Ball campaigns were simpler to execute and created more enthusiasm. The ultimate goal was to ensure no young talent was left on the sidelines due to financial constraints. Proceeds from the fundraiser have been earmarked for supporting players with their fees, gear, and even subsidising summer camps. The club has also strengthened its bonds with the community, initiating partnerships with local schools.

KSQ FC’s success story with Spot the Ball underscores the potential of innovative, engaging digital fundraisers for grassroots clubs and teams. And as McGinnis puts it, “This experience has been a testament to the power of community engagement and creativity. We’re definitely looking forward to incorporating more such campaigns in our future fundraising strategies.”

NOTE: Spond’s Spot the Ball fundraiser is currently only available for UK admins and users. 🇬🇧


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