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The New Spond Superdraw - More Chances to Win Big and Boost Your Fundraising!


Raise More, Win More with New Spond Superdraw

Big changes are happening to Spond Superdraw. We’re revamping the Superdraw experience, focusing on giving you more opportunities to raise funds and rewarding your supporters with the chance to win big cash prizes.

What’s New in New Spond Superdraw?

  • Three Annual Draws: Instead of monthly draws we’re hosting three big draws for Easter, Summer, and Halloween. 
  • Bigger Prizes: Each draw now offers a prize fund of £1,750, divided into three cash prizes. More chances to win big!
  • Lower Commission: Our commission, which goes towards the prizes and admin, is now 35%, which means more money goes straight to your club or group.

Why These Changes?

Our goal is to make fundraising more impactful and enjoyable. By hosting fewer but larger draws, we’re creating a sense of event around each one, increasing participation and enthusiasm. More substantial prizes mean more significant potential earnings for your cause, and with the reduced commissionr ate, we’ve been able to maximise the funds going to your club or group. 

Fundraise When You Want with Spot the Ball

Can’t wait for the next Superdraw? Spot the Ball is Spond’s other fundraising platform. You can set up a campaign any time you want in the Spond App and raise £££s!

Get Ready for Easter Superdraw

Now you can  raise more, win more, and have more fun with the new Spond Superdraw. These changes are all about making each draw a significant event in your fundraising calendar. So gear up for the Easter Superdraw – it’s just the beginning of this thrilling new chapter!

Got a question? Checks out our FAQs on the new Spond Superdraw here.

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