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School Holiday Camps Admin Made Easy with Spond Club


The prospect of organising school holiday camps used to terrify club administrators. The administrative challenge of trying to schedule, organise, and manage bookings for school holiday camps can seem a daunting task. This is why Spond created the Courses and Academies feature in Spond Club to streamline this process.

The Challenge of School Holiday Camps

Gareth Birkett, the driving force behind Outlet Basketball Kids Club, is no stranger to these challenges. Operating in Hampshire and the south coast, the club has rapidly expanded to 300 members across three locations in just a year. Such growth demands streamlined operations. Yet, with information pouring in from school networks, club announcements, messages, and more, maintaining organised records was a formidable task.

Gareth told us: “Before Spond, it felt like I was navigating through a storm every time I tried to organise our holiday camps. Between ensuring every child’s safety to managing multiple session options, the chaos was becoming overwhelming.”

Introducing Spond Club’s Courses and Academies Feature

The Courses and Academies feature from Spond Club is the beacon of hope for club admins organising school holiday camps. It offers a unified platform to:

  • Process Payments: Set various pricing options, including recurring subscriptions, and process payments and refunds seamlessly.
  • Monitor & Manage: Keep an eye on real-time sign-ups and cancellations, or opt for daily email summaries for a consolidated view.
  • Bespoke Fields: Personalise your requirements, capturing essential details like health conditions or dietary restrictions.
  • Open Doors for All: Both members and non-members can easily register and pay, making the experience inclusive and widening your audience reach.
  • Seamless Communication: Integrated with the broader Spond product suite, club administrators can effortlessly update participants through both email and the app.
  • Easy Product Set-Up: Tailor your offerings based on specific needs, be it varying by the number of days, different pricing options, or additional offerings like early drop-offs and meal plans.

Outlet’s Journey with Spond

Using Spond’s Courses and Academies feature, Outlet Basketball Kids Club grew rapidly. Gareth noted: “Our summer holiday camp was a resounding success, thanks to Spond. From setting up early bird offers to managing bespoke fields for specific child needs, everything became a breeze.”

Gareth’s experience emphasises that the days of slogging through spreadsheets and fragmented communication channels are behind us. With Spond Club’s Courses and Academies feature, club administrators can focus on what they do best—creating memorable experiences for children and young people, while Spond efficiently handles the logistical complexities.

For those preparing for October half-term school holiday camps, Gareth has a message: “If you’re still on the fence, give Spond a go. It’s not just a sports team management solution; it’s a game-changer.”


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