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Celebrating a Year of Wins with Spond’s Halloween Superdraw 🇬🇧


2 x £500 Prizes in the Halloween Superdraw

As the leaves fade to brown and the air turns fresh, there’s another reason to get excited: it’s the 1st anniversary of our very own Spond Superdraw! And what better way to mark this milestone than with a special Halloween Superdraw, promising both thrills and prizes.

For those new to the platform, Spond Superdraw is our unique monthly fundraising draw. It’s a hassle-free method for any club or group using the Spond team management platform in the UK to generate funds. The model is simple: prizes are provided by Spond and, in return, participating clubs or groups keep a significant percentage of the sales generated by their members and supporters. It’s not just about raising funds, but about building community spirit, engaging members and supporters, and adding a dash of excitement to the monthly calendar.

The past year has been a rollercoaster for many clubs and groups, especially in light of current global events. But amidst these challenges, the Spond Superdraw has been a beacon of hope, part of Spond’s mission to always to support our clubs and groups. And we’ve seen some truly heartwarming stories, from teams raising money for a new kit to groups funding specific projects that make a difference in their communities.

The Spook-tacular Halloween Superdraw

So why is the Halloween Superdraw so special? Beyond it being our anniversary draw, it encapsulates the very essence of fun and community that Spond Superdraw stands for. Halloween is about tales, adventures, and a sprinkle of magic. Similarly, every entry into the Superdraw is a story – of hope, of support, and of community togetherness. As teams rally to sell entries, they’re not just eyeing the attractive prizes but cherishing the shared journey and the common goal.

Setting up your Halloween Superdraw campaign is a breeze. It’s free to set up, and all prizes are supplied by Spond. The key to Superdraw’s simplicity is empowering admins to focus on what they love most – engaging with their members and maximising sales. We’ll handle the rest, from payment processing to the selection of lucky winners. Each participating team gets a dedicated page, with individual selling pages for members, ensuring transparency and motivation at every step.

As we approach this special Halloween Superdraw, we invite every club, team, and group to jump in. Whether this is your first Superdraw or you’ve tried it before, it’s a fundraising opportunity you won’t want to miss. Let’s make this anniversary not just memorable but also monumentally successful for every club and group involved.

Here’s to another year of goals achieved, dreams realized, and communities strengthened. Dive into Spond today, set up your Halloween Superdraw, and let’s make this Superdraw the best one yet!


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