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Spond Partners with Hampshire FA for Grassroots Football Awards


Spond has secured Headline Sponsorship of Hampshire FA’s Grassroots Football Awards.

The award-winning tech scale-up, Spond, now proudly headlines Hampshire FA’s Grassroots Football Awards. Spond, a free app for club management, makes managing clubs, teams, and groups easy and safe for any sport or activity. Every month, nearly 3 million people, including coaches, club admins, members, and parents from thousands of clubs, actively use Spond. The app supports all sports and activities, providing tools for events, communications, payments, and fundraising.

Features and Benefits of Spond

Spond streamlines the management of various events, from single and repeating events to time polls, and includes a season planner. Moreover, the app introduces a waiting list for full events to keep interest high.

The app also simplifies payments for trips, fees, and uniforms, creating group payment requests. Schools and clubs benefit greatly from Spond. Its messaging service is secure and GDPR-compliant, ensuring parents have full oversight.

Strengthening Grassroots Football

This season, Spond boosts its presence in the football community by sponsoring the Hampshire FA Grassroots Football Awards. This event, celebrating contributions to grassroots football, will be on Saturday, 27th of July at the Hilton Southampton – Utilita Bowl. Expected to draw up to 300 attendees, the event showcases Spond’s commitment to the community.

Charlene Kemp, UK Commercial Sales Manager for Spond, said: “Our support for Hampshire FA’s Grassroots Football Awards is crucial to our mission to back community football in the UK, where we already have around 800,000 football-related users. By sharing Spond’s technology with Hampshire’s football community, we’re enabling more coaches and teams to reduce admin time, focusing more on the sport.”

Perfect Way to Conclude the Season

Neil Cassar, Hampshire FA CEO, said: “Our Grassroots Football Awards annual event is the perfect way to conclude the football season and sees many worthy individuals from all facets of the game presented with deserving awards. We very much thank Spond for their support and look forward to working with them in the future and to help grow their brand and products within grassroots football.”


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  • What is Spond's role in the Hampshire FA Grassroots Football Awards?

    Spond is the headline sponsor of the Hampshire FA Grassroots Football Awards. The sponsorship underscores Spond’s commitment to supporting grassroots football by recognising and celebrating the achievements of individuals and organisations within the Hampshire football community.

  • What is Spond, and how is it related to the Hampshire FA Grassroots Football Awards?

    Spond is a comprehensive app designed to simplify the management of sports clubs, teams, and groups. It offers tools for event planning, communication, payments, and more. Spond has partnered with the Hampshire FA to become the headline sponsor of the Grassroots Football Awards, demonstrating its commitment to supporting community football and acknowledging outstanding contributions within the sport.

  • How does Spond's sponsorship benefit grassroots football in Hampshire?

    Spond’s sponsorship brings numerous benefits to grassroots football in Hampshire, including increased visibility for the awards and the sport, enhanced event organisation, and the opportunity for clubs and teams to discover and implement a tool that can significantly reduce administrative tasks. This allows coaches and players to focus more on the sport itself.

  • Can any grassroots football club or team use Spond?

    Yes, any grassroots football club or team can use Spond. The app is designed to be versatile and user-friendly, catering to the needs of any sport or activity group, including football clubs of all sizes. It offers a range of features that can help streamline the management of clubs and teams, making it easier to organise events, communicate with members, and handle finances.

  • How can clubs and teams get started with Spond?

    Clubs and teams can get started with Spond by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting the Spond website. From there, they can sign up and begin setting up their club or team within the app. Spond provides guidance and support throughout the setup process and offers resources to help users make the most of the app’s features.