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Celebrate Every Match with Spond's New Match Sharing Feature


Interface of the app displaying the 'Spond' feature alongside the new 'Match Sharing Feature' functionality, showing a detailed, colourful match summary ready for social media sharing.

Get set to spread your match excitement far and wide! We’ve heard you and we’re excited to unveil a fantastic new feature in our app: easy sharing of match results!

Match Sharing Feature from Spond

Introducing Our New Feature

Every match is a story of excitement, and now, you can share these tales instantly. The Spond App’s new match sharing feature now lets you broadcast match results to social media, text, or email with just a few taps.

The Joy of Sharing

Matches unite us. Whether you’re celebrating a victory or reflecting on a loss, these moments connect us. Our new feature ensures everyone can join in the fun. Imagine turning each match into a community celebration.

Dynamic Visual Sharing

We believe visuals speak louder than words. That’s why our feature doesn’t just send scores. It sends vibrant, engaging match summaries. Expect eye-catching highlights and key player updates in a lively format.

How to Use the Sharing Feature

It’s easy. Choose the match result, select your sharing method, and you’re good to go. The app creates an enticing summary for you to share instantly.

More Exciting Features Ahead

This is just the start. We’re always working on new ways to enhance your experience. Keep your app updated for more thrilling features coming your way.

Dive into the latest update, try our new sharing feature, and turn every match into a shared spectacle. We’re eager to see how you’ll share your passion for the game!



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