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Spond vs FA Matchday App


A comprehensive alternative to the FA Matchday App that delivers efficiency for your grassroots football team.

When considering football team management platforms, both Spond and the FA Matchday App are recognised contenders. Each platform has been designed to assist team administrators in maximising operational capabilities. So, how do the two stack up against each other?


We explore the offerings of each platform to determine the best pick for your football team - Spond or FA Matchday App?

An unbiased examination of the strengths and weaknesses of both Spond and the FA Matchday App for grassroots football enthusiasts.

Coach Using The FA Matchday App on Tablet.

High-level comparison

For grassroots football teams in the UK, the choice between Spond and the FA Matchday App may initially seem complex. Spond offers an array of features for free, whereas The FA Matchday App is mandatory for certain administrative functions, like fixture and result inputs, for affiliated English football clubs.

Both Spond Club and the FA Matchday App come with their own set of advantages and possible limitations. The ideal choice will hinge on the specific requirements of each coach or admin. The FA Matchday App is specifically aimed at league and match planning, and is not trying to deliver all the features available in Spond, which is why many coaches choose to use both platforms.

Spond vs FA Matchday App comparison

SPONDFA Matchday App
Cost to useFreeFree
Number of users per group500Unlimited
G2 rating4.8Not listed
iOS app rating4.73.0
Android app rating4.4Not rated
Mobile app
Payments2.5% + £0.20 1.4% + £0.20
Payments tracking
Group Messaging
Social Interaction
Event ManagementMatches only
Availability Confirmation
Courses & Camps
Data Compliance
Multiple Admins
Safeguarding Features
Attendance statistics
Desktop access
Help & Support

All information current as of 18th October 2023. Spond makes all reasonable efforts to use reliable and comprehensive information, but we make no guarantee that it is accurate or complete. Spond is not responsible for the information contained in any referred third-party website nor do we guarantee their accuracy and completeness. Trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners

💲 = Premium/paid feature

Side-by-Side Comparison of Spond and The FA Matchday App Event Features.

Is Spond the right solution for you?

Prioritising the experience of members is paramount.

You need a fully adaptable team management solution that will grow along with you.

A feature-rich platform with an intuitive interface will surely resonate with your members.

The best platforms are attentive to user needs, offering robust support.

Opt for a platform that can evolve in tandem with your club or group’s growth.

Footballers Checking Match Updates on Phones.

Feedback from Spond Users:

What do you like best?

“I use Spond as it’s free to use. Other teams at my club now use it as a result.”

What do you dislike?

“I wish Spond could take my coaching sessions for me. Especially on cold winter nights!”

Recommendations to others considering the product?

“I’ve used Spond for a number of years, and it’s very easy to use. We use the FA Matchday App because we have to, but we use Spond because we want to.”

What problems are you solving with the product?

“We’ve tried a number of different free and paid options available, Pitchero, SportMember, Spond, Coacha etc. None of them can match Spond for features and useability.”

Spond is the top-rated alternative to the FA Matchday App

"This is now my primary platform."

"Having navigated my way through multiple platforms, including the FA Matchday App, I find Spond tailored perfectly for my needs. Even without tech expertise, it seamlessly supports our non-profit's vast community of members and volunteers. Both our young participants and volunteers give it a thumbs up."

“Spond is super convenient”

"Comparing Spond with the FA Matchday App on my mobile, Spond emerges victorious with its comprehensive tools for attendance registration, event organisation, and communication. It's our go-to for handling payments as well."

“Spond allows us to manage all aspects of the club”

"Spond ensures that we oversee every facet of our team with just a single login. Be it communicating with a volunteer, junior player, senior player, parent, or guardian, everything is streamlined through the Spond app, unlike the compartmentalised features in the FA Matchday App."

Spond is great value because it’s free to use, and fully-loaded with features for football coaches.

Spond is free to use

It’s not about one being better than the other; it’s about how they can complement each other for the holistic management of your football team. Both Spond and the FA Matchday app are free, but only Spond is a fully-featured football team management app.

Data and safeguarding at the core of Spond

While the FA Matchday App has its unique features tailored for the football community, Spond stands out by offering a vast array of tools at no additional cost. The FA Matchday App offers an integration with FA’s Full-Time service and Whole Game System, but Spond provides a comprehensive suite without any charges.

Unwavering Support at Spond

Both Spond and the FA Matchday App value their users and offer robust support. However, at Spond, we emphasise empowering our users to harness the full potential of our platform. With abundant online resources and a dedicated support team, Spond ensures a frictionless user journey.

Simplicity at the Heart of Spond

Both apps aim for user-friendliness, but Spond is designed with a broader range of community groups in mind. Administrators find ease in managing their clubs and groups, while members enjoy a fluid user experience. Be it routine tasks, integrated messaging, payments, or events, Spond streamlines the process.

Graphical Comparison of Spond and The FA Matchday App Features.

The choice between Spond and The FA Matchday App boils down to specific needs and obligations. Spond offers a comprehensive, user-friendly experience, while The FA Matchday App provides necessary features required by affiliated football clubs.


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