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Spond vs GroupMe vs TeamSideline


The free and intuitive alternative to GroupMe and TeamSideline that delivers for your grassroots sports team.

In the quest for the most efficient management tool for grassroots sports teams, three apps often come to mind: Spond, GroupMe, and TeamSideline. Each app provides unique features to streamline communication and organization, but the goal here is to discern which one rises above to deliver the best overall experience.

Which is the best sports team app for your team? Spond, GroupMe or TeamSideline

We look at key features to work out which app can save you the most time and stress.

Comparative analysis of communication features in Spond, GroupMe, and TeamSideline apps.

High-level comparison

Choosing the right team management app—be it Spond, GroupMe, or TeamSideline—is a pivotal decision for any grassroots sports team coach or volunteer. These platforms have their own strengths: Spond is acclaimed for its breadth of features at no cost, GroupMe facilitates communication with ease, and TeamSideline excels in offering organization tools tailored for sports leagues.

Each app carries its own set of advantages, depending on your team’s size and needs. Spond’s extensive features make it suitable for clubs of all sizes, GroupMe’s simplicity is perfect for casual groups and small teams, while TeamSideline provides robust organization tools ideal for more structured leagues.

Spond vs GroupMe vs TeamSideline comparison

SPONDGroupMe TeamSideline
Cost to useFreeFree$0 / From $468 per year for Premium
Number of users per team600 (Spond App)5,000Unlimited
G2 rating4.94.3 4.8
iOS app rating4.84.53.1
Android app rating4.54.53.0
Mobile app
Payments5% + $0.50 (USA)Free with paid subscription
Social Interaction$
Event Management$
Availability Confirmation$
Courses & Camps
Data Compliance
Safeguarding Features$
Help & Support$
League Management$
Facility Management$

All information current as of 7th November 2023. Spond makes all reasonable efforts to use reliable and comprehensive information, but we make no guarantee that it is accurate or complete. Spond is not responsible for the information contained in any referred third-party website nor do we guarantee their accuracy and completeness. Trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners

$ = Premium/paid feature

Players using Spond app on a tablet, with GroupMe and TeamSideline apps in the background.

Are you an ideal Spond user?

The experience of your squad and supporters is #1

You think a free solution is best for your team

A simple user interface and feature-lrich app will go down well with your members.

The best sports team apps offer guidance and support.,

You want an app that can grow alongside your club.

Volunteer toggling between Spond, GroupMe, and TeamSideline on a tablet for event planning.

What Spond's users have to say about the app:

What do you like best?

“Spond offers an all-in-one system to manage our team’s diverse needs. Its evolving features indicate a brand that listens and adapts to user feedback.”

What do you dislike?

“It’s hard to find faults in a free product that over-delivers. Spond is a free and simple solution to so many everyday admin tasks.”

Recommendations to others considering the product?

“For those at the helm of large sports clubs seeking to streamline communication, payments, and membership, Spond is the clear answer.”

What problems are you solving with the product?

“Spond simplifies communication, allowing for direct contact with parents or helpers with ease.”

Spond is the top-rated alternative to GroupMe and TeamSideline

“The Spond app has become essential for us”

As someone who isn’t overly familiar with technology, I’ve experimented with a variety of apps, both free and subscription-based. Spond stands out as essential. Managing a community group with scores of young members and numerous volunteers, it has been a game-changer.

“Spond's ease of use on mobile is unmatched”

The mobile functionality of this app is exceptional, providing all the necessary features for tracking participation, scheduling events, and facilitating clear communication among all parties. It’s also been a reliable solution for handling our financial transactions.

“Comprehensive team management made possible”

Spond transforms team management by consolidating all facets into one user-friendly interface. It enables seamless communication with each member of our community, whether they're volunteers, athletes across various age groups, or their families, all directly through the app.

Spond is great value because it’s free to download and use.

Spond Stands Out for Its Value and Commitment

While GroupMe and TeamSideline have their strengths, they often come with limitations or additional costs for premium features. Spond breaks the mold by providing a robust, user-friendly, and comprehensive platform at no cost.

Data and safeguarding at the core of Spond

Spond is not just free but also prioritizes data security and compliance, something not all alternatives can claim.

Sponds Support: Always Here to Help

Spond believes in supporting its users without extra charges, upholding the ethos that everyone should be able to make the most out of their sports management app without additional costs.

The Simplicity of Spond

Designed to simplify day-to-day tasks for sports team organizers and enhance member experience, Spond’s features—messaging, payment processing, and event organization—are seamlessly integrated for both admins and users.

Spond’s high user rating stars alongside lower ratings for GroupMe and TeamSideline.

For clubs that juggle multiple teams, Spond is the platform that brings together memberships, communication, and data management in one place, promising to save valuable time each week.


  • How do I become a member of a group?

    A group administrator can invite you either by using your contact information or by sharing a group link/code with you. The process is slightly different depending on what is the case.

    I have not received a group code:

    1. Download the Spond app in App Store or Play Store (It’s free!)
    2. Register and create a profile in the app
    3. In the “Groups” tab, accept the group invitation.

    I have received a group code:

    1. Download the app in App Store or Play Store (It’s free!)
    2. Register and create a profile in the app
    3. In the “Groups” tab, press the “Enter code” button near the bottom right corner and follow the instructions.
  • How do I get started as an admin and create a group?
    1. Create a Spond profile – Try it! It’s FREE
    2. Go to your profile and click on ‘Groups’ followed by ‘Create group’
    3. Enter a group name and optionally create subgroups
    4. Specify the activity (football, choir, boating, etc.) and age group (children, adults or mixed) of your group.
    5. Create a group description which will be presented to new members when they are invited
    6. Click ‘Create group’ to finish setting up the group
    7. Edit group settings such as custom member fields or admin roles
    8. Invite members. Read more.
  • What is the difference between the Spond app and Spond Club?

    Spond offers two integrated platforms: The Spond app (for groups and teams) & Spond Club: A complete & free membership management system, including communication & payment.

    The Spond app would be used by group admin (coaches, team managers etc.), guardians and members while Spond Club is used by the club admins.

  • Who is Spond for?

    Spond is for anyone organizing activities for other people. It can be a soccer coach, choir conductor, scout or swim coach. Spond makes together better!

  • Does Spond cost money?

    Spond is free to download and use! The only cost is if you chose to collect money through Spond, then there will be a transaction fee. There are no hidden fees.

  • Is my data secure using Spond?

    Yes, they are. Spond is completely GDPR-compliant and as stated in our privacy policy we only share your personal information with others if it is necessary to perform the service or we should be bound to such sharing by law, regulation or legal process.

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