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Spond vs Play-Cricket


A comprehensive comparison for cricket team management: Spond vs Play-Cricket

When it comes to managing cricket teams, both Spond and Play-Cricket are prominent options. Each platform offers unique features to aid administrators and coaches in managing their teams efficiently. But how do they compare?

We delve into the features of each platform to ascertain the best choice for your cricket team - Spond or Play-Cricket?

An impartial review of the strengths and weaknesses of Spond and Play-Cricket for cricket enthusiasts and team administrators.

Cricket team using Spond app on smartphone in field

High-Level Comparison: Spond vs Play-Cricket

UK cricket teams often face the choice between Spond and Play-Cricket for team management. Spond is renowned for its broad feature set and ease of use, while Play-Cricket, backed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), is a bespoke app with specific functionalities for cricket.

Both apps offer key features for cricket team management, each with distinct advantages. Many coaches and admins opt to use both platforms, taking advantage of Spond’s data integration with Play-Cricket for a seamless experience.

Spond vs Play-Cricket comparison

Cost to useFreeFree to ECB-affiliated teams and clubs
Number of users per team UnlimitedUnlimited
G2 rating4.8Not rated
iOS app rating4.74.6
Android app rating4.4Not rated
Mobile app
Arrange Training and Events
Membership Management
Payments2.5% + £0.20
Availability Requests
File Sharing
Payments & Finance
Real-time results
League Management
Desktop access
Help & Support

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💲 = Premium/paid feature

Play-Cricket app interface on tablet showing match statistics

Should you choose Spond or Play-Cricket?

Spond’s comprehensive, user-friendly features are highly valued, particularly for cricket teams seeking a multifaceted cricket team management tool.

Play-Cricket, with its emphasis on cricket-specific functionalities, is preferred for its in-depth match tracking and adherence to ECB standards.

Users consistently highlight Spond’s capability in efficiently managing diverse team and group activities within the cricket domain.

Spond is the optimal choice for those in need of a flexible, straightforward platform suitable for various aspects of cricket team management.

Play-Cricket, renowned for its cricket-centric features, is often the preferred choice for teams requiring detailed cricket analytics and league management.

Coach planning cricket training session using Spond app

Feedback from Spond users:

What do you like best?

“Spond’s integration with Play-Cricket saves us a lot of time. It’s convenient and user-friendly.”

What do you dislike?

“Not much really! Sometimes I wish Spond could automatically update match results from Play-Cricket.”

Would you recommend Spond to others?

“We use both Spond and Play-Cricket. While Play-Cricket is great for match specifics, Spond excels in overall team management.”

What problems are you solving with Spond?

“We struggled with organising training sessions and communicating with team members. Spond has made this much easier.”

Spond: The Top-Rated Alternative to Play-Cricket

"The combination of Spond and Play-Cricket works perfectly for us. Spond’s ease of use complements the specific cricket functionalities of Play-Cricket."

"Comparing Spond with Play-Cricket, Spond stands out for its ease of communication and event management. It's our first choice for member interaction."

"With Spond, we can manage every aspect of our club efficiently. It streamlines communication, which is something we found more challenging with Play-Cricket."

Spond is free to download and use

A Comprehensive and Inclusive Cricket Team Management Tool

“With Spond, we can manage every aspect of our club efficiently. It streamlines communication, which is something we found more challenging with Play-Cricket.”

Simplicity at the Heart of Spond's Cricket App

While Play-Cricket has its unique cricket-focused features, Spond stands out with its extensive feature set at no extra cost. Play-Cricket offers specifics for cricket team management, but Spond provides a more versatile suite without charges.

Spond: A Top Choice for Diverse Cricket Team Management

Both Spond and Play-Cricket offer significant support to their users. However, Spond places a stronger emphasis on empowering users to fully utilise its platform. With extensive online resources and dedicated support, Spond ensures a smooth user experience.

Spond in action: Analysing player performance on the cricket pitch

Both platforms aim for user-friendliness, but Spond is designed with a broader range of community groups in mind. Administrators find it easier to manage their teams and events.

Play-Cricket app live match update on mobile phone

Spond offers a broad spectrum of user-friendly features for cricket team management.


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