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Harnessing the Power of Spond's File Storage Feature


Managing and sharing crucial files and data effectively within your Spond group can be a daunting task, but thanks to Spond’s robust File Storage feature, it has never been easier. Whether it’s for group activities, event coordination, or direct messaging, Spond provides a streamlined solution for all your group management needs.

Sharing Attachments on Spond: A Multi-Platform Experience

With Spond, sharing files and attachments is a breeze, both in the app and on the web interface. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Attachments to Posts
    • Create a post within a specific group by clicking the ‘+’ icon, followed by ‘Post.’ Here, you can pen down your thoughts and attach pictures or other relevant files for all members to see.
  • Attachments to Events
    • While creating an event, look for the file attachment option at the bottom of your screen. You can add relevant images or files, ensuring all pertinent information is shared right where it’s needed.
  • Attachments to Direct Messages
    • When crafting a new direct message, tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom left corner to attach files. This way, you can share specific documents privately, directly with the member.

Group Specific File Storage: Your Dedicated Space

Every group on Spond has its exclusive file area within the menu, where admins can upload vital files and links. Members can access this information at their convenience, ensuring transparency and facilitating seamless group management.

Why Spond Created Storage:

  1. Convenience: It provides a central location for important files and links within each group.
  2. Control: It allows administrators to differentiate between files intended for all members and those reserved for admins only.

How It Works

  • Access the file storage via the group menu. To add a new file, link, or folder, use the ‘plus’ button in the app. For desktop users, you can add files by navigating to ‘Files’ in the menu and clicking on ‘Add files.’
  • You can create folders, files, and links to share with all members or limit them to admins only. Files marked for admins are visible to all admins, ensuring collaborative management.
  • The power to upload files is exclusive to admins, ensuring organized, controlled content management. Folders marked with a lock are only visible to admins, adding an extra layer of security.

File Formats and Sizes: Catering to Diverse Needs

Spond supports various file formats, including pdf, docx, excel files, png, and jpg images. It imposes a hard limit of 10MB for attachments and 25MB for images. However, any image over 1MB will be resized to stay below that limit, ensuring efficient loading and viewing. Currently, there’s no cap on the number of files an individual or group can upload, providing ample room for all your essential documents.

By providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for file storage, Spond has revolutionized group management. Whether you’re an admin managing resources or a member accessing information, Spond makes the process hassle-free. So, sign up today and streamline your group management with Spond’s File Storage feature.


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