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Spond Fundraising: A Game-Changer for Cambridge City FC Under-16s


Cambridge City FC under-16s team training on the pitch, united by their Spond fundraising success with Spot the Ball.

Cambridge City FC Scores Big Winner with Spot the Ball from Spond

Introduction to Spond Fundraising

In an impressive display of community and teamwork, Cambridge City FC under-16s have successfully raised £1,260 in just seven days. This feat was achieved a Spot the Ball fundraising campaign, hosted by Spond. This is just one feature of the pioneering app, designed to simplify the management of grassroots sports teams. This initiative underscores the potential of digital fundraising solutions in supporting local sports teams.

Spond: Revolutionizing Grassroots Sports Fundraising

Spond is at the forefront of digital innovation in sports management. For years, it has provided grassroots coaches with an efficient tool to manage their squads. The introduction of the Spot the Ball competition to Spond fundraising is a testament to Spond’s commitment to aiding teams like Cambridge City in securing the funds necessary for their activities, such as end-of-season social events for players, coaches, and supporters.

A Coach’s Perspective: Embracing New Fundraising Channels

“We’ve used Spond for many years and, when I heard about this new feature, I was really keen to try it out,” said Wayne Bates, the head coach of the Cambridge City under-16s. Bates emphasized the importance of exploring new fundraising methods and appreciated the incentive-based approach that Spond’s competition provided. “In particular, the lads loved the personalised fundraising pages and the fact that they could compete for the highest number of entries. I introduced a bit of an incentive, with a £25 Xbox voucher for the player who sold the most, so you can imagine the excitement that caused!”

Spot the Ball: A Spond Fundraising Solution

Many grassroots teams in the UK face financial challenges. Spot the Ball by Spond offers a lifeline. It’s easy to use and adds a competitive twist. Participants stand a chance to win a gift card, encouraging more contributions.

The Impact of Digital Fundraising on Grassroots Sports

“It’s great to hear that Wayne’s players have embraced Spot the Ball so enthusiastically, and managed to have some fun while raising vital funds for their team,” said Trine Falnes, CEO of Spond. The initiative not only facilitated essential fundraising but also promoted a spirit of friendly competition, which is integral to grassroots sports. The success of this initiative at Cambridge City FC underlines the potential for digital fundraising to significantly support local sports communities.

Expanding the Reach of Spond Fundraising

Encouraged by the success of the Spot the Ball fundraiser, Wayne plans to introduce this initiative to other squads within the club, including Histon Hornets FC. “We already have further fundraisers planned and I’m going to be recommending Spot the Ball to other teams and clubs in the Cambridge area. Everyone is looking for new ways to raise money and the great thing about this is the fact that it requires little or no admin on the part of the coaches. We can set it up and let the squad do the work.”

A Future Brightened by Digital Fundraising

Cambridge City FC, established in 1908, continues to thrive. The under-16s’ success with Spond’s fundraising initiative highlights the potential of digital solutions in supporting grassroots sports. Spond, with its 1.4 million weekly users, proves indispensable in team management and fundraising efforts. For more information on Spond and to explore its features, visit


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  • What is Spond fundraising and how does it benefit grassroots sports teams?

    Spond fundraising refers to innovative digital fundraising solutions provided by Spond, a leading sports team management app. It benefits grassroots sports teams by offering easy-to-manage fundraising activities like the Spot the Ball competition, helping teams raise vital funds for their activities, enhancing team spirit, and ensuring financial stability.

  • How does the Spot the Ball competition work as part of Spond fundraising?

    The Spot the Ball competition is a digital fundraising activity offered through Spond, where participants guess the position of a ball in a sports image to win prizes. It serves as an engaging way to support grassroots sports teams, combining the excitement of competition with the objective of raising funds. Teams like Cambridge City FC under-16s have successfully utilized it to support their programs.

  • Can any grassroots sports team use Spond fundraising to organize a Spot the Ball competition?

    Yes, any grassroots sports team can leverage Spond fundraising to organize a Spot the Ball competition. Spond’s platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing teams of any size or sport to set up their fundraising campaign quickly, with minimal administrative effort, and engage their community in a fun and meaningful way.

  • What are the key benefits of using Spond fundraising for a grassroots sports team?

    The key benefits of using Spond fundraising include efficient team management, engaging and easy-to-set-up fundraising campaigns like Spot the Ball, increased community engagement, and significant time savings for coaches and admins. It offers a modern approach to raising funds, enhancing the team’s ability to host social events and cover operational expenses.

  • How successful was the Cambridge City FC under-16s’ Spot the Ball competition with Spond fundraising?

    Cambridge City FC under-16s’ Spot the Ball competition was a remarkable success, raising £1,260 in just seven days. This success story highlights the effectiveness of Spond fundraising in engaging the community, providing a fun incentive for participation, and significantly contributing to the team’s financial goals, setting a positive example for other grassroots sports teams.