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Why Choose Spond for Your Group Fundraising? 🇬🇧


Empowering Communities with Spond's New Approach to Group Fundraising in the UK

Group fundraising is an essential part of community-driven activities, especially in the UK where clubs, teams, and other organisations often rely on the support of their community. Traditional methods can be tedious and inefficient. Enter the Spond App – revolutionising the landscape of group fundraising in the digital era.

Advantages of Spond’s Group Fundraising Tools:

  1. Hassle-free Prize Management: Managing prizes can often be a pain point. With Spond, rest assured that all prizes and their delivery are sorted for you.
  2. Smooth Digital Transactions: Navigate the landscape of fundraising with our top-notch digital tools ensuring prompt payments and effective tracking of your campaigns.
  3. Widen Your Audience: Using the Spond phone device, fundraising campaigns can be shared far and wide. Generate links seamlessly for texts, emails, and social platforms.
  4. Comprehensive Campaign Management: Spond takes the strain out of group fundraising. We handle everything from payments to campaign logistics, allowing you to focus on your group’s core activities.

Key Group Fundraising Features on Spond:

  • Spond Superdraw: An innovative fundraising opportunity where participating groups have a chance to win big monthly. From cash to gift vouchers, the rewards are endless. We manage the details, ensuring your group benefits from each digital Superdraw entry sold.
  • Spot the Ball: A modern approach to a time-honoured fundraising favourite. Spond lets you easily set up tailored competitions, while we handle game operations.

Impressive Outcomes: Embracing these modern fundraising techniques, Spond witnessed a stellar 55% growth in funds raised during 2022.

Elevate Your Group Fundraising with Spond:

Spond is here to simplify and amplify your group fundraising activities. Dive deeper into our offerings on the Spond website, explore the Spond Superdraw universe, and see how we can boost your group’s fundraising potential.

With Spond, fundraising is not just efficient – it’s exhilarating.


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